YouTube videos of some cars in the Narrows

I have posted videos that we took in the Narrows (gate 125/126) of 23 cars (sorry, I could not get all of you).


Videos of cars numbered: 111,182,205,249,261,265,267,270,276,315,346,376,391,404,412,444,454,459,469,483,484,513

Search on "SSCC 2017" plus drivers last name or car number.


Bill, Linda, and Beth

Bill Lum, Driver (for now)

Megan Lum, Navigator (future driver)

2014 Lexus is350

A sporty car

Original Post

Bill, thanks again to you, your wife, and your daughter for taking videos from your post in the Narrows.  Interesting to see the different lines.  Are you going to compete again, or are you resting on your laurels as an undefeated rookie team of you and your other daughter?

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