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It's a long time until Spring...I already have the shakes. Roll Eyes

So lets hear it from all of you (including those AWOL in Sept) who have started a action list to get-er-done by Spring and before May.

P.S. Headed to Hawaii for R&R Razzer and adding new 180 exhaust & new paint by March.

Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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New paint......whats that???

I'm in the process of taking everything apart. I need to take a stab at curing the oil pressure problem one more time. I'll be installing a crankscraper, a more effective windage tray and moving the crankcase vacuum pump pickup point from the left valve cover to the lifter valley (intake manifold). I'll also be making some mods to the oil pan. And if I run out of things to do, maybe play around with the aero some more.
I have fianlly finished removing salt from every place one could inagine salt being (Truck,Trailer,and Race Car) The tires are mounted and every thing is ready for the spring. I had a great time a Bonneville and it is something that every racer should do. There were a few BBORR cars at bonneville. After years of pressure from several people I am going to go to Texas in the spring before the NORR, however I cant wait until my next run on 318.

My Winter plans include a 1973 mustrang that I purchased when I was 14. It is being shiped out to AZ from the barn in the midwest where it has been sitting since I was married 13 years ago. I am going to build it for Bonneville and try and get a record in Classic Production coupe. My goal is got get it to gou around 240mph.
Provided I dont get roped into another mega project between January and May I would like to have my 396 SBC make a run on Cellulosic based E85 Ethanol. Freshen the rings and bearings one more time, make some final adjustments to compression, timimg, spark and we should be good to go.

Dont know what chassis yet either. Most likely the corvette, but you never know. Also depends on how much I can get past Karen.
For my Rookie run next year (not sure if it's going to be NORC or SSCC yet), I'll be continuing the prep of my 1973 Pantera L. I nearly made it last September but the Dawg says, if it ain't ready, it don't go. The car was done and ready but had zero shakedown miles on it so I didn't go. The family ended up with medical issues anyway so it was just a good thing I didn't end up out of town. God looks out for us in strange ways.

So I'm working on a checklist of things to check and re-check over the winter months. I might try to get the roll cage fitted if I have time too. Past that, I have an old 351C engine on a stand in the garage that has been dying for a forensic investigation.

Asa Jay
Well.....took the top of my motor apart and i will give a fyi!you can NOT run non hardened pushrods w/guide plates!!!2 broke push rods,4 bent ones and one bent valve!And YES I KNOW but...... I did not build the motor!
Have a new motor already bought a 408w.But also have another one that I might be able to get built by one of the particapates at this years engine master challenge.So it is up in the air rite now.But what ever one it is it will push the car to the duece if need be.Moonshine
John - Don't forget to polish the seats too. Razzer

Stan - Glad to hear you have a replacement engine(s). With your taller gearing what R's are you planning to pull the duece at/

AJ - Hope you can make it next year.

Xray - Duuuude, I keep telling you the time to get those race days off is the days BEFORE you start put shovels in the ground.

George - Did you see that in March MKM has a One Mile shoot-out at the Mojave on a 12,000' runway

Charlie - Are you using either a diffuser on the back of the Corvair or a wing?
We are yellow ZO6 for May. We will see if an Ely leporids Gal can navigate for we all know I can't. I can steer 'good' though!
I will need to get the ORR tires out of their plastic wraps in early May, put 'em on, reset the tire pressure sensors and wash 'er once. May will be a no pressure weekend. It has been quite a few years since I had female company on 318. It will be a pleasant change.
A 73 Mach I ugly? Well, maybe compared to a 1971 or a 1972. Smiler

Speaking of winter projects, Team Pantera Racing is helping out an old TPR Veteran who used to race not one, but -two- Panteras in the different HWY 318 events. (not at the same time of course) Some of you may remember him, Peter "The German" Menyhart.

If you'd like more information on what Peter has been up to or to find out what TPR is doing to help, please visit the Team Pantera Racing web site, the story is up top on the main page, you can't miss it.

Asa Jay
<thought about bringing my 1971 Mach I for SSCC 2009, but it wasn't ready either>
Sounds like that could be a plan. It would also give me experience with timing. I'll have to see how things come along over the winter. I was already going over rookie notes and other information from newbie website posted around here somewhere. Geez I can't believe I didn't put that on TPR yet.

Anyway... good news on Dennis' stroker engine. I think he's really found a great engine builder now. Of course it could be that bottle of ZDDPlus I snuck in last year. Smiler

Oh and Dennis.... Thanks for that GPS, I recently found out it is rated as one of the most accurate available, or that -used- to be available. I just need to figure out a good mounting for it. Hmm, if I could just get Dick's cage installed this winter I could simply fashion a bracket that attached to the cage.

Awww, now I'm getting all excited again !!! 'scuse me while I go find my wife. Wink
MD - decided since my hardware design time has been too limited (work has been VERY busy), I would just build a 'car PC' ie extremely small PC, fanless, runs from the battery in the car. And then just do the software part. So the order for the parts for the PC went in ~5 minutes ago. The car PC will bolt in under a seat (in my Z) or in your 'trunk' or 'passenger seat area' :-) While it is a full featured PC (slow though) I expect it to simply use a USB keypad/keyboard, USB LCD display and USB GPS module - all off the shelf items.

AJ - you are welcome to do the navigation - if the gods smile you will be doing 'normal' navigation as well as using my new nav computer :-)

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