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A few years ago in a moment of boredom (no fires, crashes or ejected Pantera parts) I bungee jumped off "The Bridge to Nowhere". . .For my 60th b'day a few of us are going back again. Its surf in the morning and bungee jump in the afternoon! Yea, its crazy but no more so then orr'ing at speed in old cars. Are you ready?

The guys who run this operation (Bungee America) are the only people who are certified to legally do this in California.

Getting there is also half the fun. We meet off the I-210 in Asuza and caravan into the Angeles National Forest. From there we have to hike into the bridge so if you have a bad ticker or bad legs or are not in shape you won't make it. We also forge a river 6 times (yea I am serious) so getting there and back is half the fun. The cost is cheap espially if we have a group.

The views are to die for (no pun intended) if you want to have some fun and join us let me know by writing me off line. And once you are there unlike an Army airborne jump no one will put a boot in your backside for hesitating. Eeker

Non-jumping slackers will be welcome. Come up and take photos and have lunch with us. But if you DO jump and you don't have the best time ever I will refund your money assuming you survive Razzer :cheers:

Do a google search of bungee america for more details or write me off line...I need confirming names no later then June 15.

Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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Thanks Simon. Big Grin
Here's the secret;
Never act your age...soon as you start acting old you start feeling old and soon as you start feeling old you get old.

Blood on the risers Bro'!
I can not believe there is not one trooper, marine, pilot or girl among you who do not want to jump off a perfectly good bridge Razzer Okay, I will 'represent'.

"Today's 60 is yesterdays 90"

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