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Okay before I explain why JimmyMack and I didn't make it to the NORC this year let me just say if you drove right by Bob Schilling and his Cuda after the NORC without stopping or asking if he needed any help you are a d*ck and probably own a Corvette.

Okay here's the story on why we didn't make it. We got to arguing about Corvettes and then started drinking in Vegas and remembering the days when there were Corvette owners younger then 70 and Jim passed out in the parking lot and by the time I carried him to his room I had a heart attack...

I was told I died 7 times in 20 minutes and during that time I traveled into a long tunnel with light at the end of it.

I think that was last Tuesday and at the end of the long tunnel I saw Carl and a few of our brothers who had passed on and yea Carl was holding a can of I ain't saying anyone had wings or had halo's floating above their heads but then I saw........... Moonshine... with that thought I realized I may have went to ****0 kitty and woke up all most immediately ....I think that was on Sunday so for sure I knew I had missed the race. Then I looked for Jimmy

Sometime yesterday after my open heart surgery I woke up and realized I was in a hospital and strolled down the hallway holding my hospital gown as I was dragging my 02 bottle and MD 20-20...and I am sure you can imagine how that looked!

I happened to glance at a sign on a door just down the hallway from my room and saw that JimmyMack was in the same hospital. I walked in and saw more tubes and lines going to his body then I have since watching the Matrix. I leaned down and whispered in his ear.....
"Jimmy can you hear me?"

And he says,
"What is pink and has 7 dents?"

I thought maybe Snow White..... but more importantly I am here just to say I am sorry we missed you guys, missed the dust storm, head winds and all the fun up in Ely.

Already have a doctors permission slip to return signed by Gov. Arnold Schwartznegger so will see you all up in Ely in Sept.

No, I am not kidding. :alcoholic: :champagne: :bsflag:

Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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To All,
After reading the above post, for the first time
in my life, I'm SPEECHLESS!!!!!! My God Dennis,
what did that desert do to what's left of your brain. But us homeys must stick together so
I'll swear that everything Dennis said in his
post is TRUE!!!(After I got home and went to
my doctor, It appear I got a pretty nasty chest
infection). I'll be there in Sept. with my
grandson. See everyone in Sept!!!!!
Jim Marz#81(aka JimmyMack)
Originally posted by Jim Marz:
[qb] ...(After I got home and went to
my doctor, It appear I got a pretty nasty chest
Hmm, Deana also had to miss the race due to chest infection. Doctor initially said she had bronchitis but today he's thinking it's something else..

You can bet I'll never let you two outta my sight again.. :grumble:
That story (about Deanna & Jimmy) is too unbelievable not to be true.

Delusional fantasies? Only a dream killing Marxist who lives in Berkeley who also races a Porsche would ever suggest or write crazy talk like that.

I checked the SSCC medical form and there is not a delusional box on that form but I would suggest that it should be added for people like YOU Mr. Hater. :moon:
What can I say? Maybe Deanna likes a portly
fellow wearing leather purple pants!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just kidding. I hope she feels better. After
two sets of antibios, I'm starting to mend.
This was some nasty stuff. Many people in my area
have have this infection. I hope she is feeling
better. See you both in Sept.
Jim Marz#81(aka JimmyMack)
Well, Deana went from bad to worse: she's in the hospital now. Frowner
They had to put her on oxygen because the oxygen in her blood is so low. They have no clue what's wrong. They've done CT scans and numerous blood tests. They're gonna try to get a sample from her lung for testing by going through wind pipe.

She's feeling pretty rough right now, so any prayers are greatly appreciated.
They're finally doing Deana's bronchoscopy this morning. Results will take a couple of days.

She still has to wear the oxygen mask 24x7 but thanks to well wishes, prayers, thoughts and flowers from all y'all, her spirit is high.

Pray for me as I'm going to attempt to wash her hair today using "dry shampoo". I suspect it could get ugly...
Deana�s condition has not improved, but it has not worsened either. Unfortunately, during the bronchoscopy, her oxygen saturation was going so low the doctors decided it was too risky to do a biopsy. They were only able to take a sample of fluid from her lungs and are hopeful they can diagnose something from it. If not, they will have to do an old fashioned lung biopsy and go in through the rib cage (ow!).

She's not in much pain and still in relatively good spirits. No injuries or heavy cursing resulted from my No-Rinse shampoo experiment. Hair is clean and combed: she's happy.

Thanks again for all the thoughts, well wishes and prayers.

Sorry to hijack your post but I can't bring myself to report this stuff to a gazillion people that don't even know Deana on spacelook, tweeter or loutube.

They finally got her in for a lung biopsy late last night. Although we won't have pathology reports for 4 to 5 days, the Dr said the camera view of her lung looked very good. So much so that he thinks whatever it is she got, while doing who knows what with Jimmy Mack, is reversible. They also decided to start steroid treatment.

Still has to wear the O2 mask 24x7, but at least she feels like things are going in the right direction.

As for me, I think I'll be able to pass the exam to become a certified nurse assistant by the end of next week..

We can't send enough thanks to all of you for your prayers, emails, cards, thoughts, flowers and support in general.

Final update on Deana

The results from the biopsy were inconclusive so they still have no clue what was wrong with Deana. However, she has responded very well to the steroid treatment. So much so, that we took a small walk today w/o the O2 mask. She had to stop and catch her breath a couple of times, but overall did ok.

They're going to send her home tomorrow and continue to treat her with steroids for several months.

As I said earlier, we can't begin to thank all of you enough :bowdown: for your support and encouragement through this ordeal.

We look forward to seeing many of you in September!


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