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The only thing I have left to do is an oil change, check fluids/pressures and get the car washed :-) Sadly I can't polish the seats like some vette owners - mine are cloth :-)

Looking forward to seeing all my past friends and potential future ones in mid September!

:burnout: :iroc-cop:

Steve Donegan
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CA License: SSCC 86
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Steve is ready for the 24th, the 25th, maybe even the 26th. Last time, he imported a navigator from the mid-West. This time, he's getting one from England. For the 25th anniversary, it's rumored he's going even further afield, trying to hire one of JimmyMack's super-navigating grandkids - in other words he's getting one from Marz.
The only depressing thing about the iPad platform (which I'm using for the Rally Computer project) is you can't use it with gloves on :-) So it looks like I'll use a small Bluetooth keypad for the project :-) Tom, this should be a tad more advanced than your on-board computer - my other challenge is to interface a OBD-II interface via Bluetooth (to log/use spedometer data among much other data) :-)

And for those for which this is complete greek - suffice it to say you may have the option for a nice big display GPS/Rally on-board computer one of these days :-) One which will say 'Flag station 6 on your right in 1 mile' etc :-)

:burnout: :cheers:
Good luck with your project, Steve! I can say from experience that it's not so easy, so I appreciate what you're doing. I agree that your approach is much more sophisticated than my little homemade rig.

By the way, I've hooked in a GPS signal now, so I'll be using it to try to compensate for the reaction time at the start. Big risk, small reward. Sigh.
Spreadsheet, stopwatch, GPS speed, car spedometer speed if I can manage the OBD-II stuff and 'hey, flag station on your right', 'hey you went past mile marker 10 seconds fast, slow down to XX MPH' are all goals of the project :-) And BTW now all I use is a spreadsheet and stopwatches other than the GPS average speed thing at the beginning :-)
****, I can understand MD - he can't remember cause he's never in the same place long :-) For me it's worse - I wake up in a hotel room and have to check the computer to remember which town I'm in :-) That comes with my job - somewhere different every week...

Looking forward to seeing you all in Vegas and Ely - if I can remember how to get there :-)

Well trying to be ready for the sept event but most diffenently for the 25th.still fighting with insurance over the med part [go figure].
New car is coming along has the 'R' motor in it[about the only thing still salvagable] new axle assm,k member and control arms and trans.Ride height set and corner weighted,cage tacked in,interior elect ck'ed out and verified,exhaust ready for the coater.Would of been ready if we did not have the heat wave,100+ temps with lots of humidity makes it not fun to work.hope to see everyone sept .Moonshine

I'm really sorry for the accident that took 2 great fellow racers from us and hoping that Nevada officials will not decide in this PC era that it's too dangerous to allow. So I am planning for May and next September's 25 anniversary. Who else is planning for this and what are you doing to get ready - my hotel reservations are already done :-)

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