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Todd and everyone else curious about the Gold Rush Challenge.
A quick recap.
Everyone completed the event safely with no accidents or off road excursions. Everyone drove a great event and seemed to have a blast. The Eureka people and volunteers did a great job and rolled out the red carpet. We ended up with 15 or 16 HAM radio volunteers which greatly assisted with communications which turned out to be the best ever. We had good backup systems in place but luckily didn't need them.
Due to the cold we announced at the driver's meeting that we would start at 8:30am to ensure the frost was completely clear of the course. First car out was 8:40am. We did a two car sweep at 70 - 80 mph which seemed to work well.
Rick Doria was fastest overall with an average speed of 166mph while Charlie Friend came in close to his target speed at 160mph. Exact numbers and results will be forthcoming.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone out for the Silver State Classic Challenge this coming weekend.
Hope you enjoyed this quick overview and we'll be seeing you all soon.
Steve Green not only completed the event in the 135 class but received the car show award for Most Beautiful (the Chevelle, not Steve). He was very modest about the award, saying, "If I knew I was even in the running for that award I would have washed it!" Don't know the official timing results yet of the Gold Rush but they'll probably be posted soon. Steve also carried a large percentage of Eureka's kid population in his car in the parade!
Steve sure is good !!!!! :cheers:

Yeah, I don't know what to say, he Cool is pretty good. And the car is both beautiful and fast !!

As a first time Navigator, how am I going to improve on that ? Confused

Think I will just sit on the passenger side and keep my mouth shut and not say a word. There really are times when I know when to be quiet, a few, but there are some. :bash:

I look forward to seeing everyone, and running the 150 Class with Steve.

So what is the award if we take the 150 class and Steve won the 135 class ? A special award ? Eeker

Kent Smiler

in my haste to congratulate charlie friend on his fine run at the gold rush, it occured to me that i should include his wife [who has to put up with him]. i wrote "diane" when i know damn good and well that her name is "vicki" [i have some friends back here named charlie and diane.....brain fart, my bad]. apologies to charlie and VICKI.
also, i was not aware that weeksie was a cohort on that fine congrats to you, jim.

see you all soon.

todd :burnout:
I'm all about new people winning their class, but the 150 class is way out of hand with incredibly accurate rallyers. Good luck to you- you'll need it. Hint: you may want to "buddy-up" to a dude named Paul Kraght. He seems to have a pretty accurate system. Another guy named Ted Z holds his own as well. Enjoy it, and have a safe and accurate trip down 318.
Thank you Scotty,

Got my knife fork and spoon out to eat humble pie. Seems like a tough class to compete in. But as Kermit the Frog (and he is a widely recognized authority) says "..what the hey ! " I'm going to give it a go anyway.

I have a lot of faith in Steve, and will do my best to assist him. I may be like Bill the Cat, with my face pressed up against the side window. I feel fortunate to be able to ride with Steve.

Look forward to seeing you Bill


'bout the only thing my load's got on charlie's corvair is a coat of paint. i'm just lucky he hasn't targeted my class yet. btw, have you checked out the viper-size rubber he's got wedged under that thing? very cool! :headbang:


greg tells me they're pulling out at 5 am "sharp" thursday morning. but, one of my other guys, doug, is going along this time, so figure about a quarter to 7. if you get up a little earlier, i'm sure they'd enjoy the caravan company. my flight to vegas leaves omaha at 5:23 pm, so if it is 10:00 a.m. by the time you roll through, i'll be in the office in case you need anything. [including a different tow vehicle Smiler ] my mobile # 402 770 4452 or you can get greg in the semi @ 402 416 0099. you might even catch up with them. if you do, keep an eye on those guys.......they tend to get in trouble together. :cheers: Roll Eyes

have a good trip. see you out there.

todd :burnout:
In Mexico, Charlie said he was very happy with his tires. Smiler That was after the drizzle stopped and the pavement dried out at the hill climb. Before that, Charlie was not so happy. Eeker What impressed me was how fast he went in the actual race (until an ignition wire broke on that spare V-8 engine he has in the back seat). That guy can drive!
Well Kent, I'll be navigating in a the 150 class as well. BUT I better have my ducks in a row because the person I am navigating for wont take anything less than a 1st place trophy. So Todd, you might want to polish up your ammo, there just might be a firing squad at the finish line. Big Grin

Well have to go, must go review the tapes....AGAIN!
Thanks for the tele #'s. Will keep an eye out for your rig as we cruise out I80. I have to pickup my navigator at Steve Greens house at 10:00AM, no, its not his wife. Big Grin
Saw where a Chev Dealer in KC had 20% off sticker price on new Subs. over the labor day weekend. Darn near got my interest, but I still need a few more points on my GM card to help defray the costs. Must have been some hidden something with that ad, I've never heard of that much off a Suburban????? What do you think? Confused
Hey Boyce,

Yep sounds kinda rough on Navigators. How about a spanking instead ? Frowner

I think Steve is going to give Todd a run for his money. Wink I don't know how much help I will be to Steve, but will try my best to hold us on time. I am learning all the way points and times, but this is my first time, and the learning cruve is going to be kinda steep.

I am really hoping for the best for you and Todd Smiler , my heart is in the right place..which means second place Wink , just behind Steve and I.... sounds good to me Big Grin .

there is 3500.00 customer cash on 03 suburbans right now [expires jan 2], plus 750.00 for any current or former u.s. armed forces or national gaurd rebate. so if you figure 4250.00 plus 8% markup, plus 1.5% holdback money, plus some kansas city zone advertising money the dealer recieves in the neighborhood of 500.00, plus customer bonus cash back of another 500.00.........they can easily get to 20% off. my guess is that dealers are dumping their '03's at little or no profit. the 04's are on the ground now.

hope that helps.


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