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Yo My Peeps,

Okay, it's that time again. You got a month to get ready. So who is ready to go or getting ready?

I just got back from the SORC in Nebraska. A big thanks to Joe, Bruce, Aaron & All of SORC Board & City of Arnold. Getting there was half the fun! Big Grin

I completed the SORC but had to pretend I was driving my dads '50 Merc to grab gears...thanks to all who offered advise and help! Pulling 6,000 R's to go 105 mph was wonderful! Roll Eyes

Planning to pull the transaxle to replace clutch, pressure plate and slave cyl., otherwise I should be good to go next month.

Good Times!

Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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Hi Bill. Not really sure but we had ring damage in one cylinder which was down about 50lbs. On a second cylinder, the center of the piston warped down also causing lower compression. There may have been other problems such as head issues at that point. I figure we get the foundation stable (new mechanicals) and then see if it was still there. Found a 4.6 Ford Aluminator block still in the crate on Ebay for 1/2 price, sent the heads to Livernois for a stage 3 porting with stage 1 cams and high-compression springs, had everything else machined and balanced with the new pistons, and we will see what happens. This block is stronger than the stock block and 50lbs lighter. I'm hoping for 500HP at the rear on 91 octane and a little better handling but I'm also thinking this fixes my heater core problem.

As for the rad cap, who knows. We tested those cores at higher pressure than they would ever see in the car and they never failed and the caps (tried 3 of them) never blew.
Yea - babysitting a friends dog is like critical... I love my dog but he gets to stay at the doggie hilton whenever we go on trips... Find a naviguesser who is interested in the fun :-) My naviguesser is flying in from Chicago for this event. Silly guy actually trusts my driving at speed - go figure.

And Steve Mott - if you ever find those taller gears let me know - I'll likely buy a set too. The stock ones are a bit on the low side...
Hey Steve D.,

My mechanic contact tells me that the "extra tall" (2.97) gears are no longer available from Nissan. The tallest that they sell now is 3.13. That is still taller than the 3.35 gearing in the automatics and the 3.53 gears that came stock in my car. The 3.13 gears have already arrived and will be test fit in another pumpkin next week. If they fit, they will placed in my car and I will run with them next month. I'll let you know...

If these don't work, then a Gear Vendors overdrive system will be my next step.

Steve M - cool - 3.13's should add some real legs to your car - if I were running in faster classes I'd do the same - I may just do it for the extra highway mileage :-)

In New Jersey, on the way home tomorrow, now to mount that fire extinguisher so some tech inspector doesn't give me a hard time in a couple of weeks :-)

See you all soon with my lunatic naviguesser!
Hey Steve D., safe trip back home from New Jersey!

Bad news about the 3.13 gears - they don't fit the carrier in the 350Z diff. Frowner

My mechanic still thinks there is a chance it will work, if he can find a carrier from a Nissan Frontier truck that used that size gear. He thinks the pumpkin will still work. The other problem is that it will likely be a non-LSD type, and the splines may not match...

So still a chance, but getting more remote, and even if he can find one, it may be not in time for the September event... bummer.
I would say rule 10a.

ALL first time driver entrants must attend the Qualifying School offered on the Thursday
preceding the actual event day (unless otherwise waived by the appropriate SSCC officials). This
session is only offered in Las Vegas. Requests for waivers must be submitted in writing,
along with credentials, at least 30 days prior to the event.

If that is the case George would not be able to run because of this.Even thou he can out drive[and more important knows car CONTROL] MANY of the competitors that run the SSCC.Stan
George would well be aware of what Blue has stated as he navigated in the NORC this past May with Matthew Edson. Matthew did receive a waiver from rookie school and ran in the 140 class since he did provide the proper credentials of having participated in other ORR events, without being DQ'd.

As stated in the Rules, waivers may be granted with the proper credentials.

Anyone with any questions regarding this may contact me!
Gail made it easy for me, I contacted her and she asked me to fax in my results. I faxed them in with my speed class request and was granted a wavier for the NORC in the 140 class. Took just a day or two, Thanks Gail Smiler

I then contacted Steve Mott and Blue and got a few tech questions answered and let Blue know I was headed to Ely Smiler See you all in a few weeks.

Blue, put me down for Team Invader Porsche :burnout:

Everything about the event and the community is great. If it wasn't it wouldn't be sold out by October-November every year.

What Tommy-boy didn't tell you was the course speed record average for 2-3 years is like 133 to 145 mph....Lots of smack by the Viper and Vette boyz this year but when it was time to run it was a Ford Taurus 4-door family sedan that averaged 145 mph....Ford Power! Beat that bow tie boyz!
Roll Eyes :champagne:

It's an equally a long drive from the left coast but the road trip through Utah and Colorado are awsome. The summit of Vail is at 11,000+ feet so your tow rig and trailer better be in good shape if your driving east.

When you get to Arnold wot is truely impressive is the citizens of Arnold give up their homes for the racers. Big Grin I'll take a guess here and say 150-200+ out-of-towners come into Arnold for the SORC but there is only a population of 650 citizens!! Go to Jim's Bar and tell em Mad Dawg sent ya...well on second thought tell them Tom sent ya! BWAHAHAHA

Forget the road conditions. the event is great. However, having said that I think for "the older I get the faster I was" crowd Ely and the Silver State are still #1 in my book.

And the best part is that SORC road course is definately the most challenging ORR anywhere. It has grass shoulders like Le Mans and instead of Frogs as spectators you have millions of corn stalks. [/LIST] :champagne:

The old La Bufadera Hill Climb outside Ensenada and the road race were more challenging but event organizers for allot of reasons havent' been able to revive it...yet!

I have to second what Gail said about the Chihuahua Express.

This was perhaps the most fun and exciting event that I have ever done. Think Silver State Classic "Unlimited" Class for THREE WHOLE DAYS!!! As fast as you can go, or have the nerve to go... for THREE DAYS!!! Simply awesome.

If you have ever had the desire to try WRC rally racing, this is your event. Lots of fun, and not as serious as a regular rally event.

I have never tried anything else like it.

Somehow, someway, I have to beg, borrow or steal a ride in next years' event! (Heck, I won my class this year, and I need to go back to defend!)


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