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Hi Deven,


I don't know what the policy is.  However, I agree with Dave, and the long range forecast is for excellent weather on race day.  


In the past, the Race Director has been very cognizant of the weather, even starting the event early to avoid some possible rain one time.  But in the end, we are each responsible for our own safety.  I remember one time when the Unlimited guys decided not to run because of high winds; who knew they were that smart? 


In one run, I entered the second turn (the right bend starting at about 3.9 miles into the course) and saw some damp pavement at the track-out point.  I was extra careful not to unbalance the car in any way as I went over that patch, but there was no problem with traction at 163 mph.  Whew!  But it gave me some perhaps unwarranted confidence that a little dampness wouldn't affect the car as much as I initially feared.  In any case, I feel responsible for the decision at the start line as to whether to start or pull over.  Hope this perspective helps in some small way.  


Perhaps someone in officialdom would like to discuss policy and put me in my place. 

I think there should be some formal policy statement or rule.


For fun, I'll through this out there:  Moderate to heavy rain or other unsafe weather cancels the event and the refund policy is ?????.


Light rain is up to the driver to decide, with the option to move down to a slower class (I realize logistically this would be hard to do at the last minute, but I think this would greatly enhance safety).  Those opting not to run would get a refund of ?????.


Has anyone driven 318 when it is raining hard?  Does it puddle or is is pretty well crowned the entire way?  I ask because if it puddles, then it would be prudent to be much more cautious.





Refund?  What's a refund?


Here, this may help....  Quoted from the web site (my emphasis added):


Cancellations over Thirty (30) days before the event will forfeit $150 of the fees paid. Entries canceled between 15 and 30 days before the event will forfeit 50% of fees paid. Entries canceled less than 15 days prior to the event will receive no refund. Event no-shows forfeit all fees. By signing the entry application and there by entering the event, you are certifying your understanding and acceptance of these terms.

SSCC will make every effort to insure that the Event will be started and completed in a timely manner. There may be occasions where Acts of God or Governmental Intervention may prevent the start and/or completion of the Event. If such an occasion were to arise, SSCC cannot issue refunds or rain checks.

Rain, is an act of God (in my book anyway); I think you are outta luck.


You can see this text for yourself here:


It might also be part of the printed forms mailed to folks ahead of time.


There you go.  I'm not a board member so my word doesn't count.

Asa Jay

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