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Hi Bill,

Great event, all went well. A few DNFs and a few DNSs. Cold but not a cloud in the sky.

Richard Hille had a good run going, up in the 190's he said, but he broke in sight of the finish line, just a few feet from being able to coast in. I spoke to him on the side of the road while he was waiting for his rig and he was not a happy camper! I can understand that.

Big Red finished but had to manually turn the second fuel pump on and off every 1/4 mile or so for the whole event. The primary pump would only put out 4 PSI for some reason, RJ said. They were disappointed but a class act.

Tom brought in the 37 Ford PU without any problem at about 170.

Mike and Marsha got a 182 and change without 2nd gear. It stripped at the start so they ran puckered! Either they or Richard had fast trap with both saying they figured about 215.

There were some very pretty Mustangs and one rental. YES! You know what I mean?

There were 3 Ford GT's, two silver and one red. They are a standout! Lots of Corvettes and even a ZO6 Team; lots of bang for the dollar with them. The ZR1's are still around and finishing well. Ted did the trick there. One of the LVCA ZO6 guys, Ken, stole all the numbers and took home some trophies. He is just a regular guy like us but had the hat trick this time.

The Saturn SC2 won the 95 class as he often does. Most of the time he is the only one in the class and he is just good too. He runs **** near every event at both deals.

Enough for now.

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