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Mr. Waldman & Board Members,


Can we add a Vintage Division with maybe 3-5 speed classes for cars at least 30 years old....use 30 or 40 years as the qualifier.


I'm pretty sure allot of the old Detroit Iron muscle car owners would come back....okay maybe they wouldn't come back but maybe their kids who have inherited the cars would come back and I know I could get 5-10 or more Panteras because all the owners are crazier then I am and they need a challenge. 


Back in the day the way you won your division in Ensenada Mexico was to be the fastest car in your division. There was no gay speed sandbagging.  The day before the run if you were the fastest car during the hill climb qualifications you got to decide where in your division class you wanted to be grided. There was no idiot parade of cars and everyone drank allot of Mexican beer at the banquet. 



Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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Originally Posted by George Suennen:

Mad Dawg, (or can I just call you by your first name, Mad)

Am I understanding you correctly that you want to have a Vintage Division of very old cars (and possibly older drivers) with various Tech Limits (speed classes), probably based on safety equipment, then each participant would run the course as fast as they can without breaking Tech, following a night of heavy drinking?

Just trying to figure out what you meant within the context of our existing structure...

Originally Posted by Dennis Antenucci:

Thank you Board Member.

Yea, thats correct sir.


I am sponsoring a 22 year old woman this year. That's how old she said she is and thats good enough for me. You have a problem with that?

If you're responding to me, at least you half the title right.  As for sponsoring any one, that seems to be between you and them.  I heard you were done with going "fast", so I guess this is one way to slow down. Good luck and take some pictures for the fan club.

I'd vote for 40 years or older (now that my Pantera qualifies).  Too bad Steve gave up his 1973 Pantera or he could have competed.


The only trouble Dawg, is that Panteras might be the only cars running in a Vintage Division.


Though in all fairness I should mention the old Mustangs that completed successfully last year.  Unlike many of the -newer- cars that I passed on the side of the road during the race, I think we'd make a good showing.


Bring it on,


Originally Posted by Dennis Antenucci:

Why is it Porsche, Corvette, Mustang, etc owners have never been able to put together a vintage team to run any of the open road races? Can't wait for the slacker excuses.

I can't speak for the others, but since my car is only 1 year older then your new sponsoree, it doesn't qualify as Vintage... 


(I know sponsoree is not a real word, but what would you call her?)

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