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I ran this by a few people so lets see how it pans out with the rest of you. My idea of the tv car show challenge is they have a certain amount of time to build a car with a short time for testing. Then bring the car to the event and run it. Those with racing experience can move up into a class they think it will be competitive in. those show hosts with less experience will be held down in classes that will be appropriate for their skill level. However I think that most will be held to classes below 150 avg if experienced and 110 or less if no experience.  I figure time frame should be 60 days to build max and this would be a challenge to shows like "fast and loud" "counting cars" "power block" and others out there.  It would get us positive publicity out there and show people that it can be done in a manner safe and legal to  the real world  but its just a thought.      O   

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I think it's a great idea, it may need some massaging but otherwise good.  In fact, there have been a few folks that write us at Team Pantera Racing, following our exploits on our web site and have said the same thing.  They'd like to see us do a "reality" kind of show that highlights all the prep before a race and then see how the car and driver do in the actual race.  Unfortunately since we are spread out all over the states, it's hard to do.

If someone had connections in the TV industry, it might be worth a shot to bend some ears. 

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Thanks Jay I was thinking 30 days at first since with the help I had from a rookie bomber driver. that was the time it took me to build a short track bomber in 08 and the car almost won a championship at Death Valley Raceway in Armagosa, missed by 4 points and we were giving up 50 cubes to the rest of the field. So I am open to suggestion as to what we could do to make this happen. It was one of the first fuel injected short track cars to go 2 full seasons  out here and was a top 5 car its first 5 years.    O 

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