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Hey guys & gals, I need T-shirts from pass SSCC events.
Doesn't matter what color, size or year.
They will be used for something special.
Lets see if we can get one t-shirt representing
each year since race started.
Just bring them with you and I will take care of the rest.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Connie Grey

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Hi Tom,
No grease, or oil stains please. LOL
I know they get used for clean up when they get old, but if you have one you can part with that would be great.
Really enjoyed your book. When you can keep me entertained it says something about the writer.
Thank You!

Let's see if we can get the t-shirt collection 
on it's way! Glad to have your help.
Thank you [Bow Down]

Since I have been racing with SSCC from 1997,
I planned to check and see if I could part with
any my shirts. But after reading your PS, it
seems that you and a MR. BLUE are laughing at
my PANTS. Same on you!!!! Also Tom King will
read your PS and make this race unbearable for
me. But I will put aside my feelings and bring
a Sept, 1999, a Sept. 2002, and a Sept. 2003.
See you all soon!!!!!
Jim Marz#81(AKA JimmyMack)

When the trophy girls at the Award's Banquet pick the car for the t-shirt design for the following year, it is not a person's specific is the "marque". We then tell the artist what car was picked and it is up to the artist as to how he designs it.

I think the Charger art came out beautiful!

Have to agree with Gail - the artist makes even a Charger look cool


Imagine what he could do with an NSX or even a Mazda RX-7!


Gail, is it true that each different marque gets just one entry in the hat no matter how many are entered (versus one RX-7, one NSX, 354 Corvettes, one Charger, one Corvair, etc.)?  It would kind of explain why I have a T-shirt with a Lincoln Continental on it

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