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A friend of mine is ready to build a twin turbo engine. He lives in Santa Clara so if anyone out there has a good professional reference for a turbo engine builder & fabricator in the Bay Area please pass on his name and contact information to me.


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Thanks Guys & Jane!

I should have been allot clearer. He can build his own engine....he just wants to plug into folks who have successfully built turbo engines.

What he is looking for is the added source for turbo lessons learned, parts and materials and fabrication and no doubt advise on specing build, etc.

Any good engine builder/fabricator should be able to help him...and I'll share these contacts with yea Jane share the Subie contacts please. Actually the guy JB was going to use was a SSCC veteran. Tall kid with a really well prepared WRX but he moved out of the area

Thanks again to all for the feedback.

A blast from the past, Kurt Dobson knows all the ins and outs of building a twin turbo Chevy. That one he built for the Ultima was scary, and it really didn't come up with to many issues to sort out.

The other name is Dutweiller in SoCal. Owns his own shop, been building turbo motors for yonks and used to do alot for the factory's (GM & Ford). He's a little cranky, so depending on the day he may shoot the $hit for hours, or he may give ya the cold shoulder.

If it's an LS family motor, then your buddy is golden. There are about a half dozen awesome twin turbo kits on the market for those engines that will give you 800hp or more street driveable, all the hard work and development is done, just bolt it up and let er rip.

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