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We lost a trailer hub and with the help of a fellow racer from Utah with the yellow Challenger (Thank you man!) we got the axle strapped up and was able to make it into Sams Town after the race. I forgot his name but he was awesome.

Want to also thank Owen Green who recommended "Gary of Garys Trailer Repair" who came to the hotel replaced the axle & hub and repacked the bearings on the other 3 hubs. Let me recommend this guy as he came out at 4 PM to do the repairs and his price was fair. Gary's number is 702-501-7115 and he runs a mobile van in case you ever need trailer repairs next year or anytime you are headed to Vegas or Ely.

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Last year after the SSCC race, Bill was driving the Cayenne and trailer to the finish line to pick me up when the rear passenger side wheel hub on the trailer exploded.  Looks like the brake was dragging, causing it to overhead, blew the tire and destroyed the hub.  Bill pulled over and had one of the course workers helped him strap up the rear axle and he drove down to Ash Springs to meet me.  We didn't want to put the car on the trailer, so I followed him down to Las Vegas in the 928.  It was 104 degrees out, and 124 degrees inside my car.  Not a pleasant trip, but we made it.  U Haul replaced the trailer the next morning, so we could make it home to the Bay Area.  I don't know the name of the person that helped Bill, but we are very grateful for his help.


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Beautiful story George. One of our homies had 3 trailer flats on his borrowers trailer. now we gots to get some of our peeps to agree to share their worst trailer story.


The worst story I have heard so far was one tire blowing out on the way to ELY And two more towing it home. And he swore he checked tires before going or coming home...

So let’s hear from some of you others...your confession will make all us feel better😂


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if you’re not trailering with one axle (who needs two) you’re not  on the edge

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