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This question is to Eric and Frank:

Currently the Tech Rules still state that a "H" speed rated tire is acceptable for the Touring Division.

We had one of our Pantera club members register for Touring, drive to Vegas and then drive up to Ely in September with H rated tires on his Pantera to run in the Touring Division and he did NOT pass tech. We need a clear position on the Touring Division tire requirements as soon as possible so no one else shows up and goes through this experience again. In his case it was a costly trip.

I fully understand the logic behind the decision but again the rules say something else. Please clearify that a Pantera or any automobile capable of 150+ mph speeds requires a minimum of V speed rated tires. . .However, having said that....

I also suggest you either update the tire tech rules or you provide in writing what you do require for vintage automobiles with 15" wheels and tires.

I don't want to see one more individual driving any vintage automobile show up with tires he or she believes will pass Tire Tech on a Tech Rule requirement that is not in the rule book.

Thanks in advance for your help on a written response. Again, this is not a criticism of Tech. As soon as I receive your revised tech rule on Tires for Pantera's or other vintage automobiles with 15" wheels I will distribute to the club chapters and post to the two DeTomaso Pantera web sites so it gets wide distribution.

Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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They be old..but not as old as you are grampa! Razzer

Eric wrote a great email response to me today which I have shared with the old Pantera crowd but essentially what Eric is saying is if you want to run ancient 15" rims you also need to meet the Tire Tech requirements that include a speed rating and tire loading that are equal to what originally came on the cars when they were produced and sold.

I is already running conservative stock 22" bling-bling spinners with LED glow lights so this rule only applies to my bro's who insist on trying to find V, W, Y or Z rated tires for 15" wheels. Eeker :alcoholic: :champagne: :bsflag:
Jimmy Mack,
If I wasn't at Lake Topaz with the Brazilian Girl I'd come down and drop your property values.
You outta come up here though....lots of fresh trout! Razzer

I am trying to stir the pot to get some of the collector/wax & shine Pantera boyz to bring their old rides up to Ely in May but they won't go unless they can run they're stock 15" Campagnola wheels...

Unfortunately I couldn't find them tires that would work or pass SSCC tech...The Pantera's original wheels are 7x15" fronts and 8"x15" rears.

If anyone can find speed and load rated tires that will work (225/fronts & 265-275/rears) on the Pantera original 15" wheels I will buy them all the beer Friday night they can consume. Eric already wimped out....and he's in the tire biz! Roll Eyes

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