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Boy san,

Try rpm x tire footprint /gear to get started. Go research the archives: Richard Hille posted some really good stuff. As I recall you commented on the banter! I figure you could run 100 mph pretty easilty if you ran a 2.50 rear end with an OD top gear with 17" wheels. Big question is can you handle 100 mph from the left seat?
Hey Dave,your buddy needs help!



i'm not sure what you're trying to figure out, but dave told me about a viper chart [i think on the VCA board] that turned out to be very close to what my camaro actually was running. as you know, the viper trans. is the same thing you and i have in our cars. i was able to load in different rear end ratios and they were pretty close on speed and rpm [within a couple mph].
only problem is it doesn't tell you how much hp it will take to get there. as we both know, vipers just don't make the power some camaros do, so it's actually quite weird that the chart will go higher than about 170 mph.....

so call your daddy dave.....he'll give you the link to the website.


wow.....i wasn't even mean to you.....i must be coming down with something.
Todd.....Todd.....was that really you?! You need to seek medical help immediatly! You are not yourself.

That calculator youre talking about is the one I have been using but is no longer available. And to date it was the most accurate one I could find. Even tested it out a couple times and it was always right on the money and didnt start to deviate until higher speeds but when it did it was still pretty darn close.
Don't know if I have what you are looking for or not.
I have an Excel spreadsheet that I use.
You enter Tire Diameter, Rear End Gear, and Transmission Gearing (setup for 6 speed) and it calculates out engine RPM in each gear for you.
The range of speed displayed, MPH increments and MAX RPM shown can also be altered, all by entering values at the top of the page.
It doesn't calculate in tire growth as speed increaes at higher speeds or any of the power needed to get there stuff, but It was within about 50 RPM for running at 140 in NORC this MAY on my truck. Also have cross checked to Dyno run on my truck.
If it helps you and you want a copy of it let me know and I will send you a copy.

Scott Schulte
#56 - Red GMC Truck

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