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Okay, I didn't want to post any "Arabian Nights" stories here..... but okay if you insist.

What Tom is not sharing with you is he was here a couple months ago.

We flew him to a remote job site in Afghanistan for a VISIT. Once there a dust storm blew for several days. Tom was ready to leave but everything that could fly was grounded.

Tom called me on radio in a panic,

"DAWG I must get out of here NOW".

I reminded Tom that the dust storms can last for days. the next day the site superintendent calls me on the radio and says Tom has disappeared.

The good news is they found Tom at the bottom of the mountain alive.....the bad news was he was partially undressed in some what of a compromising position with Jamel the camel. Eeker

When asked what Tom was doing he said,

"I thought you guys said to go have fun with the camel?!!" Roll Eyes

NO, Tom was told.... what everyone meant Tom to understand was the camel (Jamel) was used to RIDE into the closest village to get a drink not to try to (edited by website administrator).....

In anycase glad we were able to get Tom OUT of the desert before he got into more trouble. Big Grin

PS I am still here and waiting for the Silver State report!

Bad Dawg, bad Dawg!

Not such good news: Stan Martin crashed - maybe a front right tire, don't know. He was reported to be in Room 318 at a hospital overnight for observation. Navigator was released. Our best wishes to them both. Stan's a heck of a driver as we all know.

This led to a red flag for a while, so there were a large number of people with interesting stories of restarts, etc. Dawg, your Norwegians were there in unbelievable force (90?) - I saw many Norwegian flags out on the course. Their hero in Unlimited was hampered by a slightly sick engine, but went past the radar at 207 and averaged in the 180's somewhere. Lots of DNFs, but many rookies doing well and having fun. The usual suspects took their share of awards, and Blue fed me cherry pie due to a six hundredths of a second difference in our time variances in our two respective classes. Speaking of class, Blue's definitely got it.

As you can imagine, an early on-course accident requiring medical is an incredible challenge to the organizers - to their great credit, they handled it expertly from all I could tell.
Tom King posted:
"As you can imagine, an early on-course accident requiring medical is an incredible challenge to the organizers - to their great credit, they handled it expertly from all I could tell."

I agree that the accident presented a challange to the organizers, but letting at least 19 cars run past the accident before the red flag is not handleing the response as expertly as possible.
Hi Ted,

It was an honor to be on the road with you and your incredible ride.

In terms of the 19 cars, I heard that both Stan and his navigator exited the vehicle under their own power, and that medical was not requested until a bit later. I have no authoritative knowledge of the situation, but what I observed impressed me.
It was not 19 cars! Yes, they climbed out on their own and said they were OK. The very few cars that did not stop with red flag were sighted at end of race. Some claiming it didn't click (dah!)and then pulled over as soon as they passed parked cars. To bad some don't react as quick as others. It was a long day for all.

Dennis I knew I could get you to respond. Loved your story! LOL

Tom glad you liked the cherry pie! They kept trying to take it from our table. Blue was fighting them off before we took the stage.

Mary Pozzie and I have our Polly Motor Sports shirts we took right off the bodies of "Polly" and his navagator Vergard Friday night. They have ours, only without the bumps! It was all in good fun.

Germany, Norway,and Japan were filming. It will be fun to see what they come up with.

Connie Grey
Yo my Peeps,

Enjoying reading all your posts and observations on what happened. Looking forward to reading and hearing the rest of the news makers.

On the good I am relieved to hear Stan and his naviquesser are okay and that the overwelming majority of other participants had a good run and a good weekend.

Also happy to hear the VIKINGS came and conquered with such a small army Eeker And we had others from Japan and Germany would be great if all this combined talent and resources generated a video we could all enjoy...yea I know its a dream but I ain't got anything better to do over here...if I have to watch Eric Patterson's old orr video one more time I am gonna die and blow away in one of those sand storms i wrote you all about earlier. Big Grin

AJ, Ted, Tom, Connie - All
Team Pantera Racing will gladly donate some new race flags to SSCC before 2011.

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