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I know you don't know me, we spoke at the banquet. You said you were just lucky after the tires failed.
It wasn't all luck. With out your driving skills :speedy: you would have been in a world of hurt. So DON'T sell yourself short, you had a lot to do with your out come. :burnout: You have some great friends in the pits. When I first announced something was wrong, there was some big guys, worried sick. When I announced you were fine and to the side of the road, there were some wet eyes.
We all are thankful you are fine.
Just had to say what I think, for what it is worth.

Smiler Connie Grey
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I agree,he has also contributed a lot to the sport too.
I was at a Pony Express last year,and they were short a few course workers,no course workers no race.

Todd actually went into town,and started rounding up a bunch of locals,paying them,I might add out of hiw own pocket. Hows that for a stand up guy.

I was finally able to thank him for that,because of his action I to was able to race,and was the beneficiary of his action.He made it possible for all of us to run.

He even loaned some guy at this race a few tires so he could run. I am sure he could have used those two tires sunday morning.
He loaned out the wrong two tires,lol.
Todd is one of the good guys

i have to tell you a funny story. i'm sure one of the "big guys" you refer to was dave golder. on saturday, dave, mike powers, and i were out pre-running the course together. since mike hadn't run the course for quite sometime, as we progressed down course we would talk about each turn and how fast we should take it, turn-in points, apex's, etc. as we looked at the left hander after the sunnyside ranch right hander, i said that in previous runs i would slow down a bit for maybe 195 or so. dave said i was wrong....he said that he takes it wide open, and that i should too. so, i told him i would......but i pointed out to the desert to the west of the curve and told him that if he had to come out there to pick up pieces of me, i wanted him to "feel the guilt" as he scraped up every last chunk. we all chuckled, and moved on. i didn't give it a second thought.

anyway, dave was tracking me on the radio and i was reported "off the road" after checkpoint 3. ha! i guess he immeadiately thought of that turn. he was "feeling the guilt" alright! ha! too funny. but then somebody told him i was ok and let him off the hook. Roll Eyes oh was fun while it lasted Big Grin

btw, i just got home and looked at my in-car video. hate to say "i told you so", but it does appear that i was very lucky, as that could have gotten really ugly for my personal well-being......and it wouldn't have helped how people view our sport much either. we all dodged a bullet when mr inada in the 350z emerged relatively unscathed.

todd :burnout: [hey, guess what?....those really ARE tires flying off]
Originally posted by Connie Grey:
[qb] You have some great friends in the pits. When I first announced something was wrong, there was some big guys, worried sick. When I announced you were fine and to the side of the road, there were some wet eyes.

Smiler Connie Grey [/qb]

You misunderstood my tears. You are right they were tears of Joy....not becasue of Todd being okay, but becasue I knew I would have the honor at least one more race of going down 318 faster than Todd has gone.....

Okay that really was not the reason. It's very stressful to have two of your best friends running on the same road at over 200 mph at the same time. As much as I want Todd and Mike to kick ass out is also a relief to know they are safe...either at the finish line or on the side of the road if need be. Many ways I am glad I am done with the nonsense but I of course miss it. I can say without a doubt....those 27 minutes are tough for me to deal with while I am standing in the pits wondering their fate.
I agree with Connie.

My son and I were at gate 140. It was the first time he had attended with me. We were pulling for you Todd. Then we heard you were off course, and it was dissapointing to say the least, but great to hear you were ok. I have seen your in car video. It is clear how things happen in a big hurry! Like Connie says don't sell yourself short! Not at all.

Mikes car looked awesome going by the gate. So my son was not let down. Good job Mike! That is another fast black camaro.

And that shoebox of Hannigs' didn't look to bad either!

Thanks for another great race, to everyone that participated.
Todd don't be so modest.The other guys have only had to deal with one blowout at a time,
You did two!!!
Holy Heysus Christo pronouced "o shit jesus christ"
I hate to say it but you scored a new record!!!

If Scott were with you I guarantee you would have brown interior,but thats another story hahaha.

You did us all proud,and we thank you for it.

By the way just as a footnote Nissan built the Japanese Zeros in WW2.

They only had one blowout,and made a big mess of things,lol

Good Job,and keep fighting the good fight,as I know you are one of the good guys.

One other comment,stop running the Michelins,it only gives us all one more reason to be angry with the French people,hahaha.
See you in May

dude....don't blame the michelins. i'm 98% sure i ran over something metal again. and it was a piece of metal from my own car that tore off after the right front blew that took out the left rear tire.
i asked dave golder to assist with the course sweep this time, and i'm confident that the whole sweep crew did an outstanding job. on sunday afternoon dave showed me quite a collection of 8 or 10 jagged metal trinkets that they'd picked up off the road. any one of those pieces could have easily taken out a tire at 220 mph, while an impact by one of the previous cars at, say 130 mph, might not have been as catastrophic. remember....all that junk was out there when YOU went down the course. you may even have hit some of it.

as i said, the sweep crew was very diligent. but as thourough a job as those folks did picking up stuff, there is no possible way to police every square foot of asphalt on the course in the short amount of time alloted. by my primitive calculations, there are over 14,256,000 sq. feet to check. it stands to reason that there is gonna be some junk lying out there. it's a fact of life. i knew it.....and so did everybody else in the higher speed classes. it's a risk we accept, and i was just unfortunate enough to find one of those little bastards again.

bottom line.....michelins good. Smiler metal bad. Frowner


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