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Looking to buy a set of Michelin Sport cup 2 with the newest date code possible. Wondering if anyone has any ideas how to get a set by date code. Since they will be good for two years I would like to get as much use as possible. Tire rack couldn't help and so far Michelin doesn't want to. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks Rocket

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William is correct that Discount will usually work with you on getting the freshest tires, especially if you tell them why.  However, although it's been awhile for me, Michelin was always notorious for selling "new"" tires with date codes over two years old.  This is because the run of certain size high-performance tires is small, so they stay on the shelf for awhile.  For this same reason, they often don't produce certain size tires but once every two years or so.

FWIW, every Discount Tire I have worked with has ALWAYS price-matched Tire Rack's online pricing if you ask. 

A couple times when calling Tire Rack, I've spoken to someone who's been able to go into the warehouse and pull the date codes for me to approve.  Thankfully I don't have to do that very often.  I do think it would be nicer for me to find a good local dealer who could do that for me instead of me relying on the guy on the other end of the phone at Tire Rack.

No complaints though, I've always received tires that gave me a good two to three years before the date code went out of range.

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