The Great Computer Give-Away!

Bunny has arranged for the Ely Lions Club to conduct a raffle during the May festivities in Ely, with the winner receiving a Silkrip ORR Computer, a Silkrip Test Station, and a Silkrip Source Code License - total retail value $1,535.  If you want to see what these items entail, please visit  

The Ely Lions Club sponsors the Pancake Breakfast as well, and the club is renowned for their help for the visually impaired as well as their work for other worthy causes.  Even if you don't like computers, we hope you'll plan to buy a raffle ticket and support this Ely charity that does so much for the community and for us racers.

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That is outstanding of you to offer up a full Silkrip ORR setup for such a worthy cause!  You rock man...

And since you rightly mentioned that some may not like having HAL run the race for them, I'm prepared to help the cause too.  A while back, Robic discontinued the model SC505 stopwatch with 1/1000th of second readout and went to 1/100th second readout.  Me being the stopwatch kinda guy I am, I picked up a couple extras from the factory on closeout. 

So as a Consolation Prize, I’ll give the lucky runner-up a brand new, Robic SC-505 Stopwatch with the coveted 1/1000th second readout!  Total Retail Value…uh... well… somewhere south of $70, but that’s not the point.

Those wanting to support the Ely Lion’s Club, but are not interested in riding with R2-D2, can now purchase a ticket or 2 with hope.  Might be the first time 2nd Place means more to someone than 1st!

See you soon my Invader brother!

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Dave, great idea on the competition;  the nap notion not so much.  You give the Silkrip ORR Computer (aka HAL) too much credit.  I am constantly amazed at those of you (like Blue and Charlie and many others) who can compete at such a high level with just a stopwatch.  But it still takes a lot of techie skill to use a computer, although Charlie has suggested the next logical step is to connect the infernal gadget to the accelerator pedal...

2001:  A Space Odyssey

The ship's on-board computer was HAL (the HAL 9000), and appeared to turn violent against the crew members in the second half of the film, in order to safeguard it's primary mission.  Or something like that.

Open the Pod bay doors HAL.

I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that.



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