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Dawg Update


After a new black lacquer paint job the ItBWild is coming back together. Should be done tomorrow with plenty of time to road test for next 2-3 days. No pressure!


Since our sponsor (Paul Katch) is coming along I better be ready!  "Iron Man" Mark is already ready and bringing his Pantera back to Ely for SS from Connecticut after finishing the SORC last month in Nebraska as is "The Kid" (AJ) who is coming back from Washington state. He has been wrenching like a mad man (no relation) and  in spite of fires, a red sun, smoke and no blue skies for several weeks he is gonna be ready or else. 


John "JB" Bentley is bringing "Cafe Finito" and Dave "The Pope" Adin is bringing 'Oh Yella' out from Colorado and the usual cast of characters and outlaws on Harley's are coming to Ely as a good excuse to party with us.

Let the good times roll!

Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"


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