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I want to thank everyone for the cheers at the Awards banquet. To accomplish this was a team effort of Richard and myself. Thank you Richard Starr for offering me the ride and most relaxed runs I have ever had on the road. Since this was a one race deal with Richard, I am looking for a ride for September. Sponsor my seat and I will try my best to get you on the podium.  So thank you again for all the love and support over the years. And will see if this proposed Big Bend deal goes through too. My love to all for one of the loudest ovations heard from many banquets. Owen

1I the crazy course worker   Broadcasting from Glow in the Dark Nevada at the foothills of Yucca Mtn

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It’s me that needs to thank you. I remember being a young Sgt in the USAF watching the special about the infamous 1989 race on a cable  tv channel while stationed at Minot AFB thinking- THIS happens in my home state and I don’t even know about it?

It took me almost 30 years and the purchase of a Hellcat Challenger to get there. I came back to Indiana and tried to talk my Father into going the next year and he passed away two nights later.

I remember the day we drove to Chicago to get that car. It was a happy day for the both of us. A day i will always cherish In my memories. I’ll never sell that car.

Now I’ll have a chance to place well as I’ve realized driving and accurately navigating for me are a little above my skill sets… I also have on the back burner a plan to bring out a well deserving young man who is the son of a fellow co worker to navigate for the 2023 SSCC as he turns 18 two weeks before the event. We will have the tools to continue on and let you pass along your skills.

I’ve  sent an email to Bunny to adjust my entry for this year and get you all the forms you’ll need. September will get here faster than we both know!

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