Thanks for a great event

I second that! The two way format is a challenge BUT the all of the volunteers and course workers did everything possible to make the only hard stuff driving and navigating.

Thank you all and Robin and I will see you again in September.



Two more thumbs up. This is our first May event and it won't be our last.

If the government could do half as well as the 'Vegas 'Vettes and the other volunteers did here we'd have no problems at all. The advance planning showed as did the real time management of emergent situations.

As we say in the Navy "BRAVO ZULU",

Bill and Cheryl Kelly

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to race in this event, and to all of you volunteers who help make this event happen! We truly couldn't race without all the volunteers, and we couldn't put on a race without all of our dedicated racing family. ALL Y'ALL ARE THE BEST!

Hope to see every one of you in September, and again next May for the 2019 #NORC Two-Way!

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