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Just got back home here to Indiana after 26 1/2 hours of driving and wanted to thank everyone for a great event this weekend!

An event is only as good as the people who unselfishly donate their time and efforts to make it happen and run smoothly. I met so many new friends this year and my only regret was that I didn’t spend more time talking to them.

According to Tess Star, I found out my new fangled idea for timing went utterly south and for my second event I finished solidly at the bottom again- Hey someone’s got to be the sacrifice! Bunny? I think it’s time for me to humbly ask you to help me find a hired gun to sit in my passenger seat come September.

Blue- if I had known you were playing “Mr Microphone” after the finish, I would have replied- “The MOST fun I’ve ever had with fire resistant pants on!”

Once again, thanks to all who helped organize and run the event. To all my fellow competitors who tolerated me asking so many questions and all the Class winners. Well done!

From the guy with the Sparkly Blue Hellcat Challenger with sometimes dysfunctional *organizational* skills, bless you all and safe trips home!


If it has wheels, wings or red's gotten me in trouble more times than i can remember.

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Glad yo made it home safe and sound, my friend.  When we got home, my Border Collie got so excited that we were home, he dislocated a toe on his hind foot.  While we were dealing with that, a guy knocks on the front door and wants to buy the 1972 El Camino project car I lost interest in.  Things have settled down, but we have not unpacked the car yet of looked thru our photos.  Tess uses a pair of ROBIC SC-505w stopwatches.

Great to hear you and Tess made it home safe Rich! My condolences on the Collie Critter dislocation incident, hopefully all is well now.Thanks you two for being part of my go to group for a lot of questions at the event. I did the rarest of rare last night... Went to the big city and dropped $40 at Taco Bell to celebrate my bottom chart finish. Feeling kind of FAT this morning. Oh well, lots to do outside and in the shop today. Tonight we’re back on shift patrolling the Interstate highways of Indiana and Illinois looking for fresh potholes to hit. Take care!

Oh and Rich I forgot. I appreciate that Tess subscribed to my humble little YouTube channel. So I did likewise and returned the favor by subscribing to her Critter Obedience channel too! Funny thing is I learned something already.

I’ve been doing it all wrong for 53 years- I’m supposed to lift a leg when I p**. I always wondered why I’m such a mess, I’m still learning.

Thanks buddy.

I now have Orange juice all over my monitor screen from reading for last post! You are a real character, my friend.  Tess and I really enjoyed hanging out with you. You were one of the reasons that we had such a great time. Your friendliness and humor added greatly to our enjoyment of the race.  I am already looking forward to September.  Be safe out there on the nations hiways. You have an important  job transporting the goods we need to keep the country running.  Thank you.

PS, I watched your latest YouTube videos and the Texas Mile event video.  That Hellcat really gets up and moves!  Good job.  The Trash Panda will never be able to run you down!

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