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We may have another Pantera join us in September.  Right now he's going through various tech questions with me that I'm mostly able to answer.  However, this one requires me to reach out for guidance.

Can a person run an oil pressure gauge that's driven using a copper (capillary) tube?

In other words, this person replaced the original plastic tubing with copper when he first installed the gauge.  Would that be allowed through tech?


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I can not say for sure but i do not think it is anything that is checked I also think it is something that has been run many times. I would personally pick copper over plastic.

Copper certainly seems better than plastic.  I've personally had the experience of a plastic oil pressure line melting against the exhaust manifold.  Not pleasant.  Could have torched the Trans Am it was in, but luckily just sprayed oil onto the windshield and didn't catch fire.  

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Would go with copper tube with a separation plate at the fire wall, to prevent any hot oil spray inside the cabin. Otherwise I would try for an electric unit.

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