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All Team Porsche members who have *said* yes,count me in MUST complete the team Porsche sign up form and mail it to Mad Dawg ASAP! Bunny is not tracking team member sign up data this year!Bunny is a busy baby doing all the other stuff she needs to do to make the May event run smoothly!Carl will be sending out another e-mail solicting shirt sizes and Jail House room requirements!If you have not received your May entry package hang loose for a couple of days and then BUG BUNNY if required!Any questions please contact me at or!

Many thanks,
PS: go grab a buddy and sign him/her up too!




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Huge Mistake:

I was wrong when I said fill out the form enclosed in the entry package! That is not required and you will certainly not be receiving such a form in the entry package! If you have verbally signed up with Roland or Carl please reconfirm via email to me( indicate shirt sizes for driver & navigator as well! If you have previously communicated Jail House room needs please reconfirm that info also. Sorry boys! looks like I blew it when I made the original post. Please do not bug Bunny about team issues!

Roland Roth, Team Porsche captain
There is a team sign up form in your entry packet.....must look at the back of all paperwork...I print on both sides.... It is on the back of the one from the Desk of Registration.....It does not have to be mailed in if you contact your team captain directly. It is for those that do not know who their team captain is or are not on the internet....I know, who is not on the internet? There are a few hold outs still.
See you all in May. ;> ))

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