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Before the amazing mid-engine Corvette was finally offered last month for sale after 30 years of pain staking development there was the mid-engined  Pantera. 😉

Now Team Pantera Racing is offering FREE membership in TPR if you buy Laurie Basile’s book on team Pantera Racing.

Laurie Basile who is the only woman to complete both the SS and NORC events in her Pantera just published her book about TPR chronicling her exploits with the Brazilian Girls and the Boyz Of TPR over the last couple decades. Some of this material is not for the feint of heart. Anyone who remembers blender parties and no brake kart racing down the hill will probably want to forget those days and nights but this book won’t let you. Hahaha

  And Laurie even has some original naked photos of Steve Waldman, Junior Wilson, and even Mad Dawg back in the day. and lists all the records of all the Pantera’s which ever ran the SSCC events from the very beginning which she researched off SSCC records. 

Her book has a ton of photos for the guys like me who are too busy to read 🤪so let me know if you want to buy one of her books next month I will hook you up and even autograph the book.🤩

PS. Yes, new C8 owner’s under 70 get a 10% discount😂 on all sales. 

Good Times!





Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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