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Announcing the formation of Team Detroit Muscle! I would like to hear from anybody with a 60s or early 70s made in the good ol' USA Muscle Car that is planning to run in the NORC this May. We need Chargers and Chevelles, GTOs and GTXs, AMXs and Avantis, Galaxie 500s and 442s! Sorry, you sports car and pony car drivers already have teams. Detroit Iron never dies, it just gets meaner. So bring out your brick and show em' what you lack in aeodynamics you make up for with horsepower!
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Hey Dennis,
Got a deal for you to get back into good old American Mussel, either GTO or howabout a 64 Olds F85 Convertible with a BB 455? Also, check out this weekends Craftsman truck race this weekend in Bakersfield. Rod will be there as crew chief with the #27 Chev truck. Doug Keller driver, #2 in rookie points so far this season. Everybody cheer them on to victory, or even within the top 20 would be acceptable.
STEVE - I am offshore 2-weeks a month doing a REAL man's job and not that 'suit' pencil-necked loan processor paperwork that Tiny Tim calls work! HAHAHA

Actually, I see that the SSCC is still listing my 'old' yahoo address. Use the <> address if you need to get a hold of me. . .I only check the yahoo e-mail address once a week or so but I can get msn mail anytime and anyplace.

DOUG - A '65 sounds vintage to me! Go for it dude!


TINY TIM - You're gonna have to do better then that Homes! ;-]

Any pre-1975 vintage car WITH Detroit or AMERICAN power is eligible for this team and that includes Corvairs! This is gonna be a tough team to beat May.

I just got a letter from my buddy Jimmy Weyand from Colorado who races an American Motors AMX. . .remember those guys in the Trans Am Series? Anyway, he's gonna join ya too. Am also gonna try and reach Murph-the-surf with the '70 Dodge Hemi Charger.

Mad Dawg
Normally I navigate for my bro in his Porsche, but will begin working toward running in at least one SSCC event.
First thing I need to do is go on a dyno and try to get some fuel comsumption figures, because I know that at highway speed I get less then 8 MPG. Need to find out if the factory seat belt, shoulder harness package is legal, tighten up the steering, tires, etc. Will need a trailer and tow vehicle since I can not run of pump gas, need 100 octane or more (11.25/1 compression ratio.
See you in May

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