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Just got word from fellow Z friend in San Diego that Steve Donegan passed away suddenly tonight. I have no other info at this time.

As a fellow SSCC racer, Z-fan, and friend, he will be missed.

When I hear more, I will pass it on.

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Steve and Melanie went out of their way to befriend us (even though we didn't have a Z car ;-). 

Remember the time Kelley Gibbs described the Great Basin Eagle that swooped down and snatched the convertible top off their race car? 

Sad news about Steve.  Many memories.

Do we have more info on this?  I last spoke with Steve, via email, not that long ago.  I was looking forward to speaking with him again soon.  I'm saddened to hear this news.  He was a nice guy who always seemed to have a smile on his face.  I've not been to that many races, but I'll miss him nonetheless because of how he befriended me like so many others.

Asa  Jay

I met Steve 21 years ago at The NORC where we were both running Ford Power.


A true motor head who loved working on his rides and he ran his Mustang for a few years before buying his Nissan Z pride and joy.

I found out then that we lived 5 miles apart down in Huntington Beach California.

Steve had been struggling with health issues for a few years but let me share that he sucked it up and always had a smile.

Hell he didn’t even care if we had our old Panteras out there. He pitched in and turned a wrench anytime you needed him

Like I said he was a true Motörhead, a great friend and family man and ORR fan.

we lost “Irish” way too early...very sad. He will be on my Pantera and in my heart this year and every year in the future.

Rest in Peace my friend


In a note from Alvin Mann, friend and race partner of Steve, he states " For those of you asking about a memorial for Steve- At this time, both sides of the family will be holding private memorials. When Mel is ready, we will plan a memorial service where Steve's many friends can say goodbye."

That is all I know. In respect for the family's wishes, I will respect their wishes for privacy and healing. 

I know is missed and will not be forgotten and that is ok with me.



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