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Good Morning All,

The SSCC Board of Directors is meeting this evening and will post tomorrow what decision the board makes in relation to the Novel Corona Virus and the May event.

We want to thank each of you for your patience regarding this most unusual world wide  situation we are in now.  Your emails and calls regarding options are very much appreciated and will be considered this evening.

Our main concern is that you, your families and all the volunteers remain safe and healthy.

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Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 health crisis, the Nevada Open Road Challenge will not be held this May.  At this time, SSCC still plans to hold the Silver State Classic Challenge in September.  We will continue to monitor the situation and make a “go-no-go” decision in mid-July. 

Fees collected for NORC will be rolled over to the Silver State Classic Challenge in September.  To obtain full refund for the Nevada Open Road Challenge, please contact Bunny Hill at or (775) 289-6900. 

The world has not experienced a health emergency of this magnitude in a very long time and SSCC hopes everyone is taking necessary precautions to keep themselves and those around them healthy.

SSCC Board of Directors

Thank You the information. The board was is a hard spot here. If they cancelled the event like they did, with hope every thing will be back to normal by May. But if they decided to run in May the Coronavirus would still be around and it would have to be cancelled at the last minute any way. Better to play it safe for every one. Best to all and be safe. Dave 

Mike Borders posted:

Who is "Mike Boarders?"  Is he a racer??


That's Mad Dawg for ya.  He probably meant to say "Boreders" because of how Bored he is in Thailand. 

Or it could be he's getting along with Charlie just fine, old fighter pilot, old radio jock, probably getting drunk every night and having the "ladies" haul them and their dusty duffel bags home.

Hang in there dawgy, I hear the US is running repatriation flights.  You just might have to pull out the old airlift suit and fly the balloon.

Asa  Jay

If you can’t do good time in Thailand you just ain’t happy man...yea not tired of the great people, great food, great water and all the lobster and Singha beer you can eat and drink....well okay this sometimes feels like a parallel universe (think Ground Hog Day) but after 2 months I will be happy to stay 2-3 more months and skip the Zombie Apocalypse back in the US. But thinking after June you and JB are going to have to fly in and pick me up😂

ps Wots it mean when the girls go

”you number 10”

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