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Word is that there will be a new Start/Finish Line for the 2019 NORC.  We racers pay thousands of dollars every year on these races just to have a chance for Bragging Rights and maybe a Trophy ,so I believe it is only prudent to answer our simple questions. You all might notice that the timing variations are usually very close for these races and that is because we all know the exact location of the start/finish lines in all of these races in time to create accurate notes. As of this past weekend , that actual event dates were finally posted on the SSCC web site.  I am sure that the people that have to make long range plans to attend these races are relieved , especially if they had guess the dates correctly. As for the 2018 NORC Course Notes, times and distances have not been changed to reflect the rumored new start/finish line, so one might assume that the change in the distance rumor must not be correct and the 2018 time/distances will be used. To the Race Director for  SSCC , please verify or squash the distance change rumor and if there is a change, please provide the correct information. 

Thank You

Lanny Lowman


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Hey Lanny,

Sorry for the delays in communication. 

For safety reasons, the NORC course length is indeed changing.  I should have the exact coordinates this weekend but in the meantime here's the summary:

Southbound Start will be at Gate 53 which is north of Check Point 3.  If you're in the area, the reflector at Gate 53 is the mark point.

Northbound finish will be exactly 1000 feet south of Gate 53 to add more room for left sweeper.

So the course will be a little longer and the northbound leg will be 1000 feet shorter than the southbound leg.   As soon as I have the measurements that will be used for scoring, I'll post them here.  I'll also have the online course notes updated as well.


Blue, thank you!  It's important for us to know the official distance of each leg (not necessarily the actual distance) and the location of each finish line.  You da man! 

BTW, don't Lanny and Ken usually get deputized to do this hard work for everyone else?  Maybe they'd be willing to get selected to volunteer again, especially since Las Vegas is closer than Surprise!  


Thank you. I will get Ken and we will get up there and measure and send you the exact distances as soon as you decide which side of Gate 53 reflector to use. Last time I looked at Google Earth there was a reflector on both sides of that gate. If there is only one then it will be easy. I know it is a little late for suggestions but please consider the difficulity in finding the finish lines especially after a re-surface or weather related issues. While using Gate 53 for a start line is not really a huge issue (It isn't going to move) the finish line is another. So please consider, NY MM 19 for a permenant finish line which  is probably 1800 to 2000 feet or so South of Gate 53 and with the new concreted in MM bases the State of Nevada installed, it is not going to move. Meaning even if it were knocked over the state could easily find the base and replace it whereas the reflector at gate 53 is installed just like the old MM's and once knocked over (easy to do at a gate) it might or might not get replaced in the exact lication. Just something for you to consider but we will go mark and measure whever you decide it should be.

Hey Deven,
I'm sure others have the same question, so thanks for asking.  Differing lengths do add to the "challenge" aspect of the event, however, the primary influencers behind the decision were:
  • Safety of staff and racers
  • Minimum movement of emergency & support staff
  • Radio interference from power line transformers
  • Resident relations
Thanks again for asking and look forward to seeing you!

Hi Blue,

Thanks for all your efforts to update this event.  Just a note on start/finish locations:  I know that the gate number is a vital locator for course workers, but as a racer we do not have them on our survey notes or run sheets.  When you get around to publishing the official start/finish please do it in relation to the county Mile Markers.

A side note, if you want more work: the gate distances in the course worker handouts last year were off by .4 miles on the south end due to the county renumbering of a few years back.  An update of the course worker packets would be a lot of work, but helpful. 

Ted Spendlove #410

Good points, Ted.  I'm guessing that the north side of Gate 53 is about 1.495 miles north of the old Flag 6, and that therefore the northbound finish will be about 1.306 miles north of the old Flag 6.  These are JUST GUESSES! 

I will await the stellar efforts of Lenny and Ken, but in the meantime, maybe we could place bets?  Just to be clear, my rough guess is that the southbound leg will be 61.385 miles long and the northbound leg will be 61.196 miles long.  And I'll put $10 in the kitty (all proceeds to go toward buying gas for Lenny and Ken).

Partially due to the fact that last September was my rookie run in this amazingly fun race, I'm rather intimidated by all this talk about Check station #3 this and check station #6 that, and one leg being 61.196 miles long and the other is a smidge longer and 3 decimal points here. I'm just hoping that I can find the finish line! I know you guys will have me pointed in the right direction so that's a good start! Now to practice using my stopwatch...  :-)

 Looking forward to seeing you all in May!

Chris, I agree with that Tom guy. Come see old friends meet new ones. Drive the road at the speed you want and have fun. For Bob and I when we did enter the slower classes the goal was to cross the finish line without a DQ. That was a good day, and if we could put the car back in the trailer under it's own power it was a great day. And if we heard our names at the awards banquet that was icing on the cake.

Dave, I know what you mean.  However, the only bad part about driving is you don't get to watch all these amazing cars fly by at incredible speeds. I was a course worker last May and I will never forget all the sights and sounds of the different cars. Your car especially, when you and Bob roared by, it was awesome! We could hear your car thundering down the valley long after you were out of sight!

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