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Dear Silver State Family

Due to the persistence of the current pandemic, the Board of the Silver State Classic Challenge has regretfully decided to cancel their September event.

The pandemic is still a real danger to everyone, and the Board wants to do our part in putting health and safety first and foremost.

We are hopeful circumstances will change, and we can safely hold the event in May of 2021, same place, same road, same incredible experience for everyone who comes to Ely.

Thank you,

Kelley Gibbs

Chairman of the Board

Silver State Classic Challenge

You have the option for a refund, less membership, or a roll over of your fees, less membership to either event next year.  There is no deduction of an administration fee. Please stay safe and let registration know your wishes.

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Yes, George, I keep waiting for the royalties to start rolling in on "Death Ray," and I'm in the process of writing a sequel, but the car costs $4 million, so you and all my other ORR friends and many many others had better start buying the books on Amazon - unless, of course, you'd prefer me to remain retired from ORR ;-(

Tom, That's why you need to expand your audience and get Stephen (also) King to bring in his.  He may not be into fast cars, but he probably make enough to put a down payment on one of those fancy supercars.   After 3 races (170-UNL) you sell it.  And may of those cars go for more after a year or two then new... By the way, I've met him several years ago at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley sitting on the floor in a hallway talking with us fans.  Seemed like a nice guy.


1990 Porsche 928 S4

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