I was a rookie driver in Sept with my 99 Trans AM. I would like to add some down force to my front end for higher speeds and am considering a splitter.

Is a splitter the best approach to increase down force and keep the front end from lifting?

Wondering if anyone has attached a splitter?  Specifically to an F-Body or to any car and feedback on results. 

Any manufacturer of splitters you would recommend and/or a shop that has experience with installations?

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Not going to be much help on a splitter looking to make one for our 3rd gen as well. Was wondering how air gets through your radiator because if it is from an air dam under the radiator a splitter may cause you to overheat. Also how is your front suspension a little stiffer suspension may help lift. 

TTYL Rocket

I would look into what the factory did on some of the noses to drop the air dam closer to the ground. Also on some of the Camaros the air dam for the radiator inlet is lower so it will still get enough air to cool the engine. If you do go with a splitter be sure that the front edge is not higher than the back, because that will cause lift also. I have seen some Trans Ams with round holes in the front bumper cover, I believe that is for cooling.

I have this splitter on my '02 Camaro:


T/A version: (I think it is identical)


(I did add some extra bracing within the included mounting points)

But I think the biggest aero advantage in a 4th gen is lowering the front end (lowering springs / coil overs etc.)



Thanks for the feedback to date.

I transferred my BMR Front End Suspension Package, Bilstein shocks, struts from my 95 Trans AM to my 99.  Also added subframe connectors and strut tower brace to 99.  I considered lowering the 95 and now the 99, but I want to continue to use this as a daily driver.  The BMR suspension made a world of difference for handling and marginally lowered the front end.

So it's a balance of performance improvements to around town drivability, i.e., not whacking off stuff when I go over speed bumps or enter a driveway.  My exhaust is already a problem. 

The comments about cooling will definitely be of concern when I'm given the green light to drive at the higher speeds.  My goal is being able to run this car in the 150 (165 tech) class.  I've also gotten feedback about my automatic transmission surviving.


Dave H,

Did you install or have a shop install?

I did the install myself

We have ran a '99 T/A with a 4l60E in the "middle" class 125 target (140 tech), BUT the transmission was built and has a triple lockup clutch circle D converter 

My car is a T56, and we have ran the 150 (165 tech) class with no cooling issues



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