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So a group of the Racers from Utah are heading to Ely Friday September 18th.  We will be gathering at Racks on E. Altman at 6:30 pm for dinner and drinks.  

Our special guest of honor will be Ms. Bunny Hill!  She's excited to have racers come to town.

Saturday Morning many are planning on playing a round of golf at White Pine Golf Course.  

Perhaps a impromptu pool tourney will break out later in the day? 

At 7:00pm some will be hopping on the Nevada Northern Railway for a "Star party".

So I'm going to go see who shows up and do some of the things I've never had a chance to do in Ely.

We will be heading home Sunday morning after breakfast.

I know that you got nothing planned anyway, so all are welcome to mix and mingle.  Post if you are joining the Celebration!

Clay Hansen  801-430-3333

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 Friday evening at Racks and everyone had huge grins on their faces all evening. What a great turnout.   Clay has a surprise event for those who want to see a local car collection in the morning. I'm also looking forward to the 'star gazing ' train ride tomorrow night.  Will be running the 318 at practice speeds tomorrow afternoon with new racer to SSCC.   Met he and his Mom at BBORR last year. He's hooked.   

So glad I came. Thanks guys for thinking of this event. 

I had a great time and made a couple of new friends. Loved walking around the collection of old Studebakers, Packards and other cool old cars in the guys collection.  I covet the Sunbeam Tiger that he had. It was one of the later ones with the 289 instead of the 260 ford V8 in it.  Any time I can spend time in the company of Bunny and the SSCC racing community is time well spent. Even if a race was not involved.  Hope a race happens in May so I can see my friends, new and old, once again.  Take care, be safe, and try not to get any tickets!

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