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Seeking feedback:
New "hi-performance" clutch installed in my car in Feb. Not cheap, around $2K.
Makes noise 6mos, 10-15k miles later.
Shop says, "strange wear on only one side of pressure plate, but clutch is fried and you need a new one." "Probably never was seated right."
Bill: $1600
Broke the first clutch in very softly for about 1500 miles. No boost, short shift, etc.
I have not had car on track, or drag racing- one ORR event, no shifting- yes, I drive agressively, but never come under significant boost until foot is off clutch pedal-takes time to spool up. It makes about 300awhp, not much more than new stock Audi S4.
Should shop be charging me? I know how to drive a clutch, after all, my other cars have >100K mi on them, with no new clutches.
Please add your .02, as I am of the opinion that either defective equipment was installed OR installation was not as it should have been. Should shop "stand behind their work", or should I be forking out roughly $3.6K this year on clutch?
I know there are people on both sides (owners and shop owners) on this forum, and I'd like to hear any feedback you can offer.
thanks in advance-
scotty Confused
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Call the company that made the clutch and ask them what the proper break-in is. Then go from there. Is it an adjustable type? If so, they may have set it wrong. "Strange wear on one side" sounds like a defect. from what you say about your driving habits it should have gone 75k plus. Good luck, watch out for trains! :champagne:
OUCH..OUCH...OUCH...That "pressure plate" has got
to be defective, or was installed "out of plane" somehow, because that's the only thing that could cause "strange wear" on only the pressure plate, without scuffing the flywheel as well. Sounds, and looks like the pressure plate was dis-engaging only part of the springs. and the darn thing was dragging when you had the clutch depressed. Did you feel anything when stopped?? Like maybe it wanted to move the car slightly when the clutch was depressed?? I think the shop hit the nail on the head with "it wasn't seated correctly" (my opinion is it wasn't installed correctly, or it would have seated correctly). Some of these things are shipped with a preservative coating (maybe that wasn't removed prior to installation)....GOOD LUCK IN DEALING WITH THE SHOP...

We have seen two clutch issues in the last year that relate to this.

The first was a Quartermaster (on a Vette) that seemed to slip from day 1, after getting the replacement (first the disks, then another PP unit), we installed and it ran fine. We split the secondary labor with the customer.

The second was a SPEC (in another Vette), and it never ran quite right, and no matter how many parts they sent it never got better. In this case we ate the secondary labor, he is a racer with no money (is that redundant).

In both these cases the customer supplied the parts, which we really shy away from when possible. For obvious reasons...

After 10-15k with no noticeable symptoms, this sounds like manufacturer defect, unless the "noise" was evident from day one, then it could be either.
Scotty, I seemed to get from what Dave said that perhaps you bought the clutch and took it to a shop to be installed. If that was the case, the warranty ball game is ENTIRELY different than if the shop sold you the clutch and installed the clutch they sold you. Out of curiosity, which is the way it happened ?? Carl
Charlie, The statement "They owe you big time." COULD be grossly wrong -- depending on Scotty's answer to the question of who sold him the parts. Having been a "shop owner" for over 30 years I learned long ago to not install customer supplied parts because situations such as this can come up and cause hard feelings. For the shop owner to be totally responsible, he has to have total control over the parts and the work. Carl
I think any shop thats worth its salt should get the parts they want to use,they do mark them up too,nothing is free
They should also make damn sure they use quality parts.
If they start getting cheap and using shoddy parts,then they should be liable,after all they,being the experts should have known better.
I think Scotty has got a legitimate complaint,and they bought the part,and installed it,end of story.
They should have had faith in the parts or they should never even think of installing it in the first place

I have to deal with this all the time,as I don't do my own work,and even when I think I know better,I do relent and let them have their way,but if things don't go right,I demand to be backed up,and I have had to get nasty.,then so be it.

I have in the past,and I will in the future,as I do let them have the last word.
I not only expect them to pony up I demand it!!!
They are the experts,and they should know better,if it doesn't work right fix it,for free,and by the way I need a rental.
If that doesn't work a baseball bat,can work wonders!!!

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