Seeking Hi-Def videos for new website

Happy New Year to All,

The new SSCC website is under construction and one of the features is looping videos vs looping still-pics.  SSCC would like to highlight the current record holders, Bob Allyn and Dave Bauer as primary video.

If anyone has good, hi-def, video shots of Unlimited Car #230 on course or leaving start line, please let me know.

As for other shots, I know there are some high-quality SSCC/NORC videos on YouTube.  If you have posted said videos, I would appreciate hearing from you with permission to download, edit and use said videos on the new website.

Thank you in advance for your support!!


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I had a good one of Bob & Dave from 2016 but it got erased from my phone by someone that hit erase instead of play. otherwise the photos on the TPR site are about the best I have. And all photos and vids that got posted to the TPR site you guys are more than welcome to.    Owen

Hey Lanny do you know what an inverted mom is? In this case its definitely WOW! what a fun ride spent most of the run watching for the other course workers and their locations. had to look real hard to spot me on the hill without my pop up.  That off color shirt blended in too well.  Owen   

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