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Sorry if I shouldnt be asking this here, but not sure where to ask.  Does Sandhills give out a time sheet with reference to mile markers like at SSCC?  If they dont how do you know where you are relative to when you should be there?


regards, Herb


ps...We had a great time at SSCC here recently......

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Herb - I'm glad you had fun with us here at SSCC! We hope to see you racing with us again in 2019!

Great questions! Yes, we welcome SORC and BBORR questions and comments here on the SSCC Message Board, too. After all, even if we are all technically three separate event organizations, on the racer side, we are all just one big happy ORR family!

The short answer to your Q - SORC has a printable one-sheet available on their site ( that lists target times for each class, in each direction, for both their SORC and L2L ORR events. It is a great resource! As for actual course notes, unless you know someone who is willing to share, you are likely going to have to make your own.

The longer answer to your Q - As for mile markers, distances between markers, etc., keep in mind different ORR events offer different challenges. When you race in other ORR events beyond NORC & SSCC on Highway 318, you will soon discover a new world of road signs, culverts, fence posts, and begin to learn the art of how to develop your own custom course notes. At least, that's what many of us have had to do.

BBORR offers a set of basic course notes on their site for beginning use, just like SSCC does. SORC (and L2L) gives you target times for every class, then lets you create your own game plan on what to do in between.

Think of this as part of your expanding ORR adventure!

In addition, once you get into Custom Course Notes Making 101, you'll also begin to learn how to improve upon your existing NORC & SSCC notes, as well.

Believe me when I say that most ORR veterans are NOT simply using the standard notes offered on any of these sites. Custom notes are part of the competitive fun side of this sport the deeper you get into it. My .02.

I hope this helps!

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