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I have my plane tickets booked to intercept Mad Dawg in Fresno.  Yea, I'll be pit crew again this year since the Mach I is still under (re)construction. 

Reservations confirmed at Hotel Nevada and I just got off the pone with Sam's Town (which couldn't find a reservation from last year) and the group code works fine.

I'm all set!

See you in just over a month.

Asa  Jay

Hey my peeps,

Right on Asa...yea you too Tommy.

We got Gerry from Chi-town Farm returning as well as Mark from Connectict and John Bentley and our race sponsor Paul Katchadorian (Katch environmental) all returning SS vets. Including our usual MC Club mortacycle Security Team From Fresno.

Not to forget the B-Girls from Brazil and Laurie Ferrari from Italy and Peter-the-German from Munich and my cousin from NYC....usual crazy beer drinking Americans and aliens.

We put some Mongo Italian Pantera brakes on my old beast otherwise all the same old car except a new harness to satisfy Steve in tech 🙄so When I brake  at Mile 70 the new harness will save me!

BS only regret this year is missing the 2-way run in May or SORC again in August. Usual slacker excuses 😉🤙🏽

Mad Dawg 

”If you’re not on the edge you’re taking up space”




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