Rookie Qualifying at SPEEDVEGAS !

SSCC is pleased to announce a partnership with SPEEDVEGAS for Rookie qualifying at their facility south of the Las Vegas Strip!

The traditional Group Qualifying Session will be held at SPEEDVEGAS on Thursday, September 14th, 2017 at 7:00am. However, in an effort to make Qualifying more convenient for Rookies, qualifying sessions will be available at SPEEDVEGAS individually between now and the Thursday prior to the main event.  Individual sessions are available Monday through Thursday during SPEEDVEGAS normal operating hours (8:00am – 6:00pm daily).  Qualifying takes place in your choice of SPEEDVEGAS vehicles with the exception of the top tier vehicles, currently the McLaren and Ferrari 488.

When you register for the SSCC event, please indicate whether you will attend Group Qualifying Session or an individual session.

Individual sessions must be pre-booked by either emailing or phoning in your reservation request.   Here are the booking methods you may use:

          Call In – 702-874-8888 – ask for Sabrina Richards


          Be sure to mention the code, SSCC Package, when booking

Photo ID is required, cost is $207 and the Certificate will be good for 18 months from date of issue. If you've already registered for 2017 and still plan to attend Group Qualifying Session, September 14th at 7am, SSCC will refund the $43 difference. If you’ve registered but would like to qualify prior to Group Qualifying Session, please email for full Qualifying School refund. You must then pre-book per instructions above.

 In summary, there are 2 options for payment:

  1. Pay $207 as part of registration and attend Group Qualifying Session September 14th at 7am
  2. Pay $207 at SPEEDVEGAS and qualify at your convenience (Monday through Thursday)

Qualifying will consist of classroom instruction tailored for SSCC followed by lap time with SPEEDVEGAS instructor in passenger seat (up to 3 laps). As stated above, qualifying will take place in SPEEDVEGAS vehicles. However, for those attending the Group Qualifying Session, there will be an opportunity for you to take your car on the track for a lap or two, time permitting. The car must be the one you registered to run in the main event.

SSCC is excited to offer this alternative to first time participants as well as excited to partner with SPEEDVEGAS!

SSCC Rookie Liaison


speedvegas logo SPEEDVEGAS info: 14200 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89054 Phone: (702) 874-8888 website


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Steve, Berry,

Thanks for the input gentlemen!  An arrangement like the SpeedVegas one was floated long ago by Eric Petterson, Tom King and others, so I cannot take credit for the idea.  I was just in the right place at the right time to help it come together.

The ideal situation would be a long, twisty stretch of actual highway to do qualifying on, any time we wanted, with any car we could dream of, with perfect weather and 5 Star food trucks waiting at the end with free Mountain Dew and Snickers for all.  Since I don't think that will be happening in the near future,  I’m hopeful this arrangement will make qualifying easier for some percentage of rookies.  It’s also one more organization promoting SSCC events. 

Look forward to seeing you both soon!


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