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I got this message from Facebook posted on the Silver State Facebook page and am re-posting.
My sincere condolences to Rodney's family.

Subject: Rodney Armstrong, #397 Ford Mustang

As I have talked to some of the folks on this list and was not able to all everyone, I have very sad news about one of our very best friends in Open Road Race.
Today Rodney was killed in an accident at his shop, I am waiting until Sunday to get the arrangement details from Stormy ( his wife) and will send those out when I have them.
I know this is a very short list of people that will want to know, so the help I need is to have this posted on the message boards and then be updated when I have the arrangement details.
Feel free to call or mail if you have a name to add to this list as the message board is not on everyones daily reading list.

John R Tiemann

Lanny Lowman


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Funeral arrangements have been set for Tuesday (May 31st) at noon.  There will be a lunch at the First Methodist Church-Dublin, (630 Highland Ave. Dublin, TX 76446 with a grave side service at 2 pm in Dublin.

There will be no viewing or visitation on Monday before the funeral, Rodney hated that sort of thing.

Condolences may be sent to Rodney's wife, Sayra Armstrong and the family at 703 N. Camden, Dublin, TX 76446

Rodney will be missed by so many lives that he touched, including his open road racing family.  Rest in peace!  

Eight of us from the ORR community made it to the service for Rodney. The service was very upbeat and more a celebration of Rodney's life. His Mustang race car was there on display. The large church was completely full and even with many folding chairs set up in the aisles, there were still many folks standing out in the halls. It was quite obvious that Rodney was a much loved and popular guy in his home town. All of us that knew him will miss him greatly.

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