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****o, and let me start by saying that I had unmeasurable amounts of fun at the May race, and I will be back for quite a few more.

I am about to start the rollcage in my car and I was wondering what seats to go with. I want to get the seats before I start the main hoop so that there are no conflicts between placment of the seats and main hoop of the cage.

Just looking for some recommendations from you experienced dudes.

Thanks in advance and see you all in Sept! - reek
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Ciao Enrico,
****o sounds too much like "H-E-L-L-N-O" I don't believe in the devil........but "DEVIL-DOG" spelled backwards is G*D LIVED....since you're Italian try Momo.
Semper Fi :cheers:

P.S. Don't ask any of the fast white guys with nylon wind breakers with little Corvette race patches and bolo badges on this slacker message board because they don't know either but they will pretend they know and pretend they like us and want us to date their sisters...Notice they are always smiling....anyway to get back on track the cholos with the coolest seats and rides are in Touring....ask them for a straight up answer
MD (aka; The Fixer)
Private to you John;

Of course I am jealous of your most charming and incredibly beautiful and loyal wife. Big Grin

Any woman who would drive with and navigate for a husband at speed is a Goddess.....On the flip side (flame suit on) any woman who would use their husband for a navigator has a gay husband for a navigator! Razzer

(aka; Marriage Counselor to ORR racers)
I deal with A LOT of aftermarket suppliers regarding performance parts, and I can't give killer praise to any more than about 2%. I must say that Kirkey racing seats falls in that 2%.

I am 6' 9", so getting my tall frame into a Corvette so that I was comfortable, safe, and my helmet was at or below the rollbar was almost impossible. Kirkey custom built my driver's seat based in my dimensions and I love it.

My custom seat and an off-the-shelf Kirkey seat for the pass side with covers and brackets ran about 1300 bucks (most of that price was for the custom seat and cover).

It was worth EVERY penny.
If you have a Jeff Gordon budget, you can spend up to 4K per seat, but Kirkey's are absolutely nothing to sneeze at.

Tig welded, reinforced aluminum. You'll find these in Big Red, and several other unlimited cars.

I have the intermediate road race model. The REAL serious bunch has the full road race. The difference is mostly the "wings" to support the shoulders and head. They're tighter together on the full road race..makes getting into the car more difficult. A consideration for a guy like me. I guess I'll have to cut a hole in the roof to get in when I go unlimited.
I agree with Paul, Kirkey is a high quailty seat,I also had mine custom made.Keep in mind if your using a Hans device get your seat degree the same as your Hans. I use a 20 degree seat and a 20 degree Hans.If you can get to Summit Racing in Reno you can try out the Kirkey line of seats among others.BE sure and bring your neck brace.Their more than helpful.
I have welded in beams across the floor from the B-pillar to the tranny tunnel 2"x2"x.090" The back of the seat will be bolted to that on either side. The front of the seat will be bolted on either side to the factory side impact beam about 13 inches forward from the B-pillar.

After I know what seats Im going to use, I can plate the floor and bend and fit a rear hoop which will get a horizontal and diagonal bar that the backs of the seats can be secured to. The rest of the cage goes like clockwork.

Thankfully, a top of the line harness seems to be alot cheaper than a top of the line seat.

Since I started with a stock 86 Corvette, I used 28" X 20" 1/8 plate steel (ea. side) under the fiberglass floorpan. My seats and 6-points are all bolted through that sandwich with Industrial large area washers and grade 8 hardware.

I agree with Dawg, I you can't swear it can handle the worst scenario, then keep working on it. Once you can swear, then add another 50%.

Someone said "If you buy a $49.95 helmet, then you have a $49.95 head" Don't scrimp on safety.

You more than likely won't be attaching anything to your diagonal. Not seats or harness. If you use mechanical/welded attachment to the seat, it may be either be to the hoop or the horizontal.

Harnesses simply properly wrapped around the horizontal without the use of tabs/brackets are just as strong as brackets and easier to adjust. I think most of us do this.
Someone said "If you buy a $49.95 helmet, then you have a $49.95 head" Don't scrimp on safety.

This is why I want good seats dude. Why would you buy a sweet helmet and get discount seats?

I should have specified: the seat backs will be attached to the horizontal bar across the hoop. The harnesses will be attached the rollcage as well.

Iv built a pretty good number of cages, I know what I'm doing. I just dont know what seats Im doing it with.
I wish you were local to So-Cal. I have had a difficult time finding a chassis guy that is available around here. I've got 3 cages I want done.

As far as seats go though, I think that Kirkey is about the best you can get without having to have a budget that's up in the stratosphere.

BTW, Kirkey does sell the floor brackets AND the custom saddles that nest on the rear surface of the seatback for horizontal bar attachment, BUT fyi..they ARE intended for their full race seat (not an issue for you I think). They don't quite fit the contour of the intermediate road race seat very well..and they don't tell you that in the brochure.
It's the 2 trips at 16 hours round trip that is the killer. 2 tanks each 8 hours @ 85.00 per tank = $340.00 worth of fuel.

1. I want to extend my 4-point to an interior cage on the vette to qualify for SS/Unlimited.

2. I have a 68 Camaro Unlmited project that I want a 22-point cage installed with structure in the back for a 3-link suspension, and also a 14" engine setback. I have a mock up (urethane) block ready and the body is bare, rolling, and ready for the job.

3. I also did a 66 Mustang project for a friend that was just fired up, yet the interior is stripped less only the driver's seat..ready for an 8-point.

I guess if I we made arrangements, I COULD drop one off, and pick one up each time when ready i could save trips hmm! We'll talk, but the difficulty is quoting me sight unseen.

We can post private reply to continue the conversation..

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