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Dave and Irish

Thanks for your help. Will write you offline on who this is. He wants to buy the 2014 Stingray because he knows I never can.


Whitey Tom & Jimmy-Purple-Pants

Don't get me started on you two knuckleheads. The day you see me show up in a new Stingray is the same day my homies pull me out of the car, burn and rip my colors off and take a baseball bat to the Vettes kevlar bullet proof hood.



Well now Dawg, you started it and you asked for it, and Jimmy Mack and I are only too happy to oblige - I mean what are friends for? 


Actually, we're all jealous of you simply because you have a friend who can afford a new Stingray.  Wish we had friends like that... or even friends period.


Proud to be a knucklehead.

Originally Posted by Connie Grey:

No Corvette dealer for you,but you have great friends!!! 

Blue doesn't need me to drive his rig this time.

You were next on list to ask if you need driver Sunday morning?

Connie LOL



Can I get on your list of people needing drivers?  I'd greatly appreciate getting someone to drive my SUV and trailer down to Ash Springs (or the Y).

Of course, I don't have the charisma that Mad Dawg has, so I hope you don't mind me asking.




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