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Okay Owen Appleseed...I believe ya Bro and Ray yes your right. So what  was final verdict Chris. Did your boss come through? How many others can't make it...I mean who CAN make it?


I'd like to hear from some rookies coming for the first time....or bringing a new ride. One of our guys (Mark Schwark) is bringing his Pantera all the way from Connecticut...Yea major road trip!


Thanks for all the support. Yup, I did request the May and September dates last year. An obscure paragraph in the union contract says management can suspend vacation time without notice. The boss just don't like me, but I won't go into that now.

AJ, you need to stop in Cali to pick up my quirky old car and bring your credit card..12 mpg!


The boss drives a Corvette....     maybe

..12 mpg...something wrong with the car. Every time I get behind the wheel, I feel the need to light the tires at stop signs, drift every cloverleaf, use onramps for 0 - 100 - 55 mph testing. 


Only 7 more years worth of quirk than your old ride. know how it is, you drive a car for so long that you just adapt to the minor imperfections and drive. Put somebody unfamiliar with the car in the drivers seat, they cant make it go!


Maybe I'll bring the boss some doughnuts an ask him to reconsider vaca time


I practiced drifting with my dads 55 Pontiac wagon in the rain and black ice.

Ahhhh the memories.


Yea Chris try the donuts.....ya get more with honey then vinegar... not that I ever followed my own advise..... but I work for a construction company that uses union employees and NO supervisor would ever deny a vacation request and live to tell about it...and he owns a Corvette?

That explains everything...


okay kidding you Vette owners! 

Donuts still didn't get me race time off, the boss is still grumpy. Looks like I'll see you guys next may.

I'm trying to look at the bright side, there is now extra money in the budget.......I'm thinking maybe a couple track days? Roll bar for Grand Sport division?  Electric exhaust cutouts and a line lock?


I will be cancelling my room reservation at Jailhouse on sunday morning if anyone is interested

Went to the dyno yesterday, was hoping we fixed what was wrong from last months dyno tuning session.  Found we are still a 100+ rwhp down.  Cylinder 7 still not firing consistently (we tried a new plug wire, new fuel injector, swap plugs, compression check, and visual inspection of the cylinder through the spark plug hole) and still not good.  We're also down 3 psi of boost.  We'll do some more trouble shooting, but it's to late to be ready for the Silver State next week.  Sorry we'll miss the fun. Was hoping to get out there for another 170 class run.



1990 Porsche 928 S4


Sorry to hear that.  Does your system have a distributor cap or dedicated coils?  Dizzy caps have been known to do this.  I'm assuming the compression check showed that cylinder was just as good as the rest?  Fuel, air, spark.  Are the valves moving properly?  Getting enough mixture into the cylinder?  Didn't you monkey with the cams a while ago?


I realize just one week away is not the time to be futzing with these things.  We'll be curious to know what you eventually find out.


Asa Jay

We got another 3 Pantera's ready to run this weekend at Silver State. MarkS returning this year and is towing his from all the way from Connecticut with a awsome new engine... should now be getting close to Ely. JohnB is also ready coming in from Bay Area, as I am and bringing some buddies riding their Harley's with us who I think are more excited about getting to Ely then we are...just finished dyno tune runs. 


Road Trip begins in the morning - Yeeeehaaa

First want to thank our sponsor (Katch Environmental) and our friends who came up to support us. Thanks Paul, Doug, Conner, Asa, Peter-the-German, Mad Man Mark, and John. Without you guys there would be no Team Pantera Racing.

Mark and I had good runs and John lost oil pressure so he wisely pulled off the road. Good time to rebuild that 351-C now. It's only 42 years old! ;-)

On a sad note we lost Phil Bowser. My sincere condolences to Amy and his family and all his friends. He was an amazing man with an amazing heart. He was one of those men you could not meet and not like immediately. He always went out of his way to reach out to me and our team. So my sincere condolences to a great man. In our sport he will always be remembered and in my heart he will always be loved. Truely saddened by his death. 

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