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Yo My Peeps


Wotz up?


Ok, I moved to Fresno last year, my daughter graduated from college,  my son got married, the pantera is in its new home, I got new glasses, and I rebuilt the Harley so that means I gots no more excuses.


PS We added a stripper pole to the RV



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I started getting ready last weekend.  I had to take my 928 for a smog test two weeks ago, so I had to wait until after that to start my race preparations. 


Here's a few photos from last Sunday and this Sunday of my car's transformation from a "stock" 928 to a Super Sport ready racer.


These are just a series of photos with captions, I may have to add music later...  I wish I had more time to spend on my hobby, but work just keeps getting in the way.



1990 928 S4


George, nice slide show.  You could maybe save some weight by replacing those 52-pound injectors with lighter-weight ones - I don't think my injectors weigh that much. 


Charlie, is the Frankenvair ready?  I mean hasn't Vicki gotten that car ready yet? Or will you be in the 100 class?


Mad Dawg, let us know when you get that stripper pole installed in the Pantera.  You could win a Car Show award man.


Blue, are we on again for the Great Dessert Challenge in the Desert?


Who else is coming to Silver State?



Well, some machine guns are seriously accurate :-) Go on youtube and look for browning 50bmg footage - I saw one video where the guy went full auto and totally wasted a 50 gal oil drum at 750 yards :-) And the hits were pretty much in a basketball sized group!


Race safe out there guys - time/$/other commitments means I now miss 2 races in a row :-(

'So little time, (but fortunately) so little to do'. Let see, hmmmmm gas, water, air and reinstall the extinguisher The benefits of a daily driver way overbuilt for Ca speed limits. 5th try at trying to get under a second In the 110 class. Attempts: 1)+17.0 sec 2)+7.0 3)+3.0 4)+1.06. My friend from Indianapolis wins the 125 mph class on his 2nd try.  Grrrrrr. My strategy seems sound now it is about stopwatch technique. Wish my learning curve was not so shallow. 

A Harley on the back of an RV with a stripper pole: when I grow up, I'm gonna be like Dawg

Tom, yes sir, The Desert Dessert Challenge is on.  It's been a while since you hooked a brother up with some German Chocolate cake.

Old, classic, vintage... I think 1993 just makes the 7 old.  It's gonna be ready though.  Apparently after the burning clutch episode a couple years ago, our "daily driver" mechanic stuck in a barely better than stock clutch which i have promptly destroyed.  Got the car back to our "rotary only" mechanic who has put in a much better CenterForce clutch.

Owen, tell Danny to give you a car to run for Counts Customs!  I want to see you running.

Last note, I posted more info in Moonshine's thread on Road condition.



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Hello all

We will be attending this event with 3 or 4 other cars from Canada again.

Is there any way to bring 318 a little closer to the border? it's a long drive-lol

At any rate - Cold Steel Racing will be there to have fun again!

I don't know how I am going to "train" my nav to look on the other side of the road for the mile markers, we'll have to practice on the way.

Car 426

well Blue getting someone to loan me a car would be a great trick. But with my looks my chances are somewhere between slim and none an slim was on the bus out several years ago. Bob no more throwing candy at me during the parade or I might get mean an have you dq'ed for no reason. ha ha. see ya all at rookie school ,the press luncheon and up in Ely, and of course 83mi. down the course on Sun   O

Blue, you know that Sam's Town seems to have discontinued German Chocolate Cake on their dessert menu, right?  It's a huge incentive for me to go all out - it would be Sooo embarrassing to come up empty on a dessert for you on the stage at the Awards Banquet.  


Owen, go for it, you'd look great at the wheel of that 64 Galaxie.

Blue - My brother of another motha!

           Yea of course we will bring the Chopper up on the back of the trailer. 


Robert / Vintage Iron - If you want to expand the "Cold steel Racing" to a team of vintage cars let us know. I've got 3 Pantera's that would support you.


Owen - See if the Board will let you run my chopper on Sunday.





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It would also depend on how fast that chopper will run and how it would handle for me. I am used to standard and sport bikes with quick steering. many years ago my idea of fun was lakeshore road in the middle of the night at 130 to 150 drove some of the local sport bike crowd crazy cause I didn't qualify for their 750 or bigger standard but a lightweight 650 Katana kept up with them.


I appreciate the offer, though I don't think my gear will pass tech for that division.


I've been told by the old Dawg himself that I have a right seat in a Pantera; we'll see how that shakes out when we get to town.  Despite the fact I won't be in mine, it looks like we'll have at least three in the event this year.  I'm just sorry mine's not one of them. :|


Asa Jay

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