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Looking in the rule book page 23 for Grand Sport it says:


A five or six-point belt harness system, SFI or FIA approved is required.

Seat belts with an expiration date label shall expire on Dec. 31 of the year on the expiration label.

Those without a manufacture date shall expire on Dec. 31 of the 5th year after manufacture.

ALL belts must be in “as new condition”. Sternum belts are recommended for use with seats that do not support the shoulder straps. Refer to Page 31-32.

When reading the above it seems to me that a SFI harness with a SFI tag that states an expiry date 2 years from now (if purchased today) will expire December 31 2024.

And if I purchase a SFI harness today WITHOUT a manufacturing date tag, this harness is to expire 5 years from today?

I don’t clearly understand the rule book.

How can the tech crew know when the harness expire, if it doesn’t have a manufacturing date?

Do I need to show my purchase invoice?

Will a brand new SFI harnesses purchased today have either an expiry date tag or a manufacturing date tag? Or both?

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on racing harnesses can enlighten me/us on this subject?


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Most current harness manufactures only include the validation SFI tag and not the manufacture date SFI tag.  Crow Safety Gear (now located in Las Vegas) includes both tags.  Lanny and I did a lot of research on this subject when the SFI tags changed a few years ago.  That information was sent to all 3 ORR venues.  If your harnesses only have a validation date SFI tags, the manufacture date is 2 years prior.  The problem occurs when there are new and less knowledgeable tech inspectors inspecting the cars.  When they see the validation date, they treat it as an expiration date--It is not.  The various sanctioning bodies determine the expiration date. The question arises when there is only an SFI validation tag--When was it manufactured?   Example:  Validation date June 2020.  It was manufactured around June 2018; therefore, it expires June 2023 (3 years after the validation date).   I buy my harnesses at Crow just for that reason, plus they will recertify their harnesses when needed.  Hope to see you at NORC this year.

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Thanks for chiming in Ken. I have been in contact with Jegs High Performance who sells Racequip harnesses. Jegs came back to me yesterday after getting a reply from Racequip.

This is what Racequip replied:

“All belts built fresh since 2019 have SFI tags with expiration dates on them. “

As you see they will definitely have SFI tags with an Expiration Date on them. That SFI tag will today show an expiry date some time in 2024, as I understand it.

So, at the SSCC will these Racequip harnesses if purchased today be valid for 5 years in Grand Sport, or only 2 years?

Secondly, is the written text in the SSCC rule book for Grand Sport regarding harnesses 100% correct? I don’t understand it.


Did they show you a photo of the SFI tag with the wording expiration.  If that is true, that is the first example I have heard of using that wording.   They may be falling into the same trap as other people with the wording of "valid until" and they treat it as an expiration date.  There are several reasons for the validation SFI tags--One is to muddy the waters and get you to buy new harnesses every two years.  Keep in mind that the helmets we use have the SA rating and a date (SA2020)   The various racing sanctioning bodies set the expiration date from the SA date.   For SSCC the oldest helmets we can currently use is SA2015.  Check out Crow Safety Gear. 

As I expected, they are using the words "valid until" as an expiration date.  The tag is valid until that date.  It is not an expiration date for the harness.   Just subtract 2 years from the date--Use that as the manufacture date.  Then add the 5 years to that date and that is when your harnesses expire.  Using the above example, the expiration date would be June 2022.   

I cannot speak for SSCC.   My SFI validation date tag is June 2020.  During the NORC, last May,  the inspector said my seat belts were expired.  I said, " did you look at the manufacture tag date.?"  He said, "No"  After he looked at the tag, he said that my harnesses  were OK.  At that point I briefed him about the entire SFI validation/manufacture tag date issue.   Now he knows.   Had no issues for the SSCC in September.  Steve Mott knows about the issue.  I don't know if the correct word filters down to the entire inspection team.   If you get a new inspector, you may have to educate them.  BBORR is very knowledgeable on this issue and are doing it the right way.   That is the reason I always buy Crow harnesses--They include the manufacture date.



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As an illustration of Ken's thorough explanation of harness expiry dates, I'll list here my TeamTech REWEBBED 6 pt. harness system w/arm restraints and expiry tags. Invoice date 3/16/20. New style tag valid thru 2022 ( no old style tag showing manufacture date). On the arm restraints the old style tag shows the manufacture date as 1st qtr, 2020 (no new style tag). Thus my harness system system expires end of 2025 using both methods of math. I also carry in the car the receipt as proof. See you all in May!

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