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Racers Celebration Part 3…Amigos!

Yes, it’s taking place!20180408_175617

Thursday September 16th.  At Racks Bar & Grill 753 Aultman St. Ely Nevada.  We’re on the patio!

At 5, you can arrive.

At 6, you order food!

At 7 you, are with some of your best friends.  Mr. Jack and Mr. Coke!

Begin your racing weekend with all the Cool Kids!   First time racers are welcome.   You’re only rookies once.  So, to do it right, come see what’s cooking at RACKS!

How did this get together start?

In 2020, Open road racers all over the country were feeling down about the events being canceled.   A group of brave souls put out the word that we should, stand up to the Virus, celebrate life!  We should do it with the greatest people on Earth, Open Road Racers!

So, the word went out across the land, come to Ely the September week we were scheduled to race!  We couldn’t race but we could gather as “family” and go do all the things in Ely, we never had time to do.

Some came from as far as the Canadian Border, some from as far at Louisiana. Some came from Ely, you might say they hopped over as quick as a Bunny.

We ate at Racks and had the “Great Gathering of Racers.

We rode the Train, had a Star Party.

We toured the Ely Studebaker collection of the Blattleborn Family.

We planned that we’d play Golf and tell lies!  The Golf part never happened, but the Lie telling was epic at the rest of the weekend!

So, don’t miss it!  You don’t want to feel Blue!  (He will be here, I’m almost sure of it!)

It the kind of event where you will take your time leaving, but can’t wait to hurry back to…next year!

God Speed!



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Sorry to not see you this year George.  Unless you own and race a vintage car you just don't know all the work that goes into  getting those vintage automobiles  to a start line. It isn't about going fast as much as it is amazing to see an old car out of production for decades make it to Ely.

And where is that vintage red Vette? I mean ANY vintage Vette?   I had to be satisfied with 3 exciting C8's in the running...but they won't be vintage for 30 years.

High praise to other racer's like Mark Skwarek in his '73 Pantera who once again towed it out all the way from Connecticut, Blaine Spendlove in his '67 Mustang, Randy Rideout in his '82 Trans Am, Russell Holsington in his '68 Firebird, Tim Adams in his '69 Mach 1, Jerry Hansen in his 55 Studi Commander, Mad Dawg in his '72 Pantera or my good friend, Joel Hannig in his all most new '64 AMC Classic who made it into the Finish line in spite of an engine challenge...but he made it. High praise to you all.


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