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Long range forecasts for Lund and Hiko look excellent.  Mild temps, no precipitation, slight headwind.  Ely weather also looks good.  Of course, things could change this far out...

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OK, so the weather forecast has changed just a little.  Now it's supposed to be possible thunderstorms in Ely on Thursday when we arrive, then partly cloudy the rest of the weekend.  Same for Lund.  Hiko weather looks good for Sunday.

I just drove down the race route this morning (Wednesday, 9/13/2017), and the road was nicely cleaned by last night's thunderstorms.  The road is generally in excellent shape.  The two bumps I usually worry about (just after Flag 6 at 58.0 miles into the course, and just after the final left bend leading onto the finishing straight) seem to be non-issues now.  HOWEVER,  the one in the Narrows that got my attention during the race in May seems to have gotten worse.  That one is a hump in the road just before the last left turn coming out of the Narrows at about 72.2 miles into the course.  Doesn't much matter what speed class you're in, we'll all probably be going about 120 mph there (except for you, Dave Bauer, who I imagine will be going fast enough that some sand will get knocked back up into the upper chamber of your egg timer ;-).  

Gary Linsner posted:

Little more about the bump at 72.2, please.   Pavement OK?  

The road has two dips. One is going uphill just before MM LN 25 and the other is coming out of what we call the little Narrows. Neither is alarming other than to know they are there and not be surprised. I cannot recall the MM for the second one but you are almost through the left hand sweeper headed for the finish line. I come up the hill towards MM LN 25 at 130 mph or so then I cross  the other one  at 155 mph. 

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