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Good Day to All,

Landon at HLC Tire & Oil informed me he had race fuel on hand in May but no one stopped by his shop in Lund Sunday to purchase any.  I advised him that in the past, race fuel was provided out by the pumps at Lane’s Truck Stop.  That said, he’s agreed to be at Lane’s this September on race Sunday.  Here’s the details:

  • He’ll only have 5 gallon cans that you’ll need a funnel for. (no pumping from 55 gal barrel)
  • He needs to know now what you want and how many cans. (I currently know of 1 racer wanting three 5 gallon cans of unleaded anywhere from 101-110 octane).  I don’t know what the cutoff date is, but please call asap with your request so he can make sure he can get it in time.
    • HLC Tire & Oil, Lund NV 775-296-3042

Thanks for supporting local businesses!


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