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Good Day to all!

It has been a few years since Wally and I have participated in the Silver State in Sept.  We thought while staying at home we would work the numbers for the 120mph and the 125mph.  Could someone please confirm the start and finish mile markers.  Just need to make sure they have not changed.  

Thank you

Julie Garratt Azbill#388


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Hi Julie and Wally,

Neither the start nor the finish are exactly on mile markers anymore.  Here are a couple of my measurements that might help:

Start                  0.000

County Line sign      9.402

LN-14                       83.571

LN-10                       87.590

LN-8                         89.572

Finish                       90.000

Blue has published some Rookie Notes that show slightly different mileages (see attached).  Good luck!


Super Dave, you're too kind; it was my privilege to meet you and Bob, such classy World Champions!

Dear Mr. Bales: The BMW M5 was a beautiful car.  It was just a substitute for one year while the old NSX was having its engine repaired after an unintended rapid disassembly in Mexico in early 2015.  The BMW found a new home in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago.  It's now 20 years old with under 30K miles and still with that sweet V-8 and six-speed manual.  Speaking of nice cars, you still have that awesome Z4?

No, it also went to a new home. I have a 2000 M-coupe (known by non-BMW people as a Z3M) so I decided I didn’t need both. Sad to sell the M5, a real super car. I may not be back to the SSCC either. Wife was the navigator last time, she said it was fun (once) but declined my invitation to go again. The M-coupe is better on a short road race course than down the long highway. Enjoy your silent cruising.

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