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Connie Grey, Queen of 318, has been collecting past SSCC t-shirts from many of you this past year.

For the 25th Anniversary, Connie wanted to do something special and she accomplished that by creating a one of a kind quilt.


The quilt measures 6'3" X 7'6". The oldest square is from a 1989 t-shirt. There are two separate squares featuring our TWO Guinness World Record holders with a picture of their cars during the record runs with embroidered stats. Team Invaders, Old Fart Racing, Vegas Vets & Legal to Speed are also represented.


Then came the question of what to do with such a beautiful piece of art!

After discussions, Connie & hubby, Rick, decided that it will be raffled off at the Driver's Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 15!!!


You can be the lucky winner by purchasing a raffle ticket for $20.00 each!

Tickets will be sold all weekend long, at the various functions, in registration,  and up to 15 minutes prior to the drivers meeting.


Proceeds will be donated to the Memorial Funds of Rick DeKneef and Merle Hill.



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That's very kind of you, but I'm overseas without my American cheque book.  I thought SSCC had an online system for paying the entry fees now?  That's why I asked Gail if something could be added to the website for the raffle.


BTW, it's a beautiful quilt.  Hope a lot of money is raised for the Memorial Funds of Rick DeKneef and Merle Hill.


Tom & Mad Dawg,

Blue was having his wife make a pair of leather (purple) pants to humiliate me

at the next SSCC banquet but his  plan ran afoul.  He needed to buy four cows

for their leather and he could only afford three because is retirement job

(soda jerk) does not pay alot. I'm safe for another year!!!!

P.S. Tom, my granddaughter loved your book.  She said that much older men can

write better then young ones because they have, years, and years, and years

of life experiences!!!

See you in Sept.

Jim Marz@81(aka JimmyMack)


Hey Mad Dawg and Jimmy Mack and all you other quipsters on this thread: We have a fan!  Now we have a legitimate excuse to keep going! 


Connie, you're being inducted as the first (and probably only) member of the Dysfunctional Racers in Purple Society ("DRiPS") Fan Club.  As such, you are hereby authorized to stand at the Finish Line wearing a funny hat and officially greeting the finishers and inducting them into the DRiPs Hall of Fame.  What an honor it is to have you on board! 

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